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I was watching Home and away recently and the reason Kim said he didnt want kids at the moment was becauses he'd already lost two kids that he thought was his (Baby Noah and Charlie). Who's Charlie and why wasnt he the dad, i just cant remember???

If i remember rightly, Charlie was the kid of his old girlfriend. Hyde has kept in contact with her, supporting the baby, believing that the baby was Kim's. She came to town and convinced Kim that the baby was his, so i think they started being a family, but Hyde was hoping it would make Kim grow up a bit. They then found out that the baby wasn't Kim's. The g/f had told Hyde it was because she knew he'd believe her and she needed the money.

Thanks for clearing that up

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I was watching H&A weddings and just have 2 questions.

How many times has Sally been bridesmaid? Watching it last night,She was a bridesmade alot..Only once do i remember a wedding and seeing her as a guest.

Also I remember a scene where some of Sally's foster brothers grab her husband(I think) and drags him into the sea..Was that Kieran of Flynn? And if it was Flynn,Which was it,Martin or Joel?

I saw in Sally's 'wedding' to Kieran that Steven and another guy beat him up on the beach and Kieran didnt seem to know Steven,So i dont think it was Kieran..And im sure i remember that scene happening..Was it for Flynn and Sallys wedding or another reason?

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New question-What is the point of Lucas' Journal? Its mentioned occasionally, Is there a point to it?

Well I know that in the Holden's first episode Tony was telling Beth about his wife dying and that Lucas was only 6mths old at the time and has no memory of his mother. Tony said he doesn't know if Lucas is dealing with that or not because he never talks about it, "but retreats to his journal". It suggested to me that he is supposed to be a deeper sort of kid because of his Mum dying, and the writing symbolises that. It's handy as they can use his interest in future for a storyline, say like after he finishes school he might get a job as a reporter or something.

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That was Steven and Frank dragging Martin Dingle-Wall's Flynn into the sea in 2002 before the sesquicentenary.

Steven beat up Kieran after the failed wedding, whilst Frank and Luke, Sally's second fiancee, had a beer. The first time Kieran and Steven met was when Steven walked Sally down the aisle.

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Yeah i think they were just messing around.

I thought it was because he was getting married to Sally,But that didnt happen until the 2nd Flynn.

So i think they came to the bay for the sesquicentenary and they were just messing around.

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