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  1. Can you change/update your avatar via the mobile site (Safari browser)?
  2. I have a feeling it may be Something for Kate, but I can’t immediately match it to any of their songs.
  3. I assume are only transmitting six episodes per week for the short term - possibly to compensate for episodes not shown last year? Knowing their track record for scheduling, anything could happen in the coming months!
  4. The two week break would allow Channel 5 to bridge some of the gap between Aus and UK screening dates, but for some reason Channel 5 seem to want to remain at least 4 weeks behind. I can’t see them allowing us to catch up, especially as Australian transmissions are liable to further interruption.
  5. Did we ever identify the 'REM - Stand' soundalike from the 90s?
  6. Hi there!! Happy birthday!! :) Hope you're having a great day!! Sandy xx

  7. Happy 7th Birthday BTTB!!! I must have been a member almost from the start (joined June 2004) and have many happy memories of endless nights spent on this forum; crazy capers in the BTTB BB House, bizarre discussions in General Chat, tearing my hair out along with the other mods of the day in the staff quarters when things didn't quite run as smoothly as we'd have liked, and more than anything making some good friends here. Never a dull moment! Like Musie, I don't post much these days but still check in now and again - hats off to all the admins, moderators, contributors, librarians, other helpers and of course the members who have made this place the great online community it has evolved into over the last seven years. *Raises a glass (of Pepsi Max) to BTTB*
  8. A Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate ice lolly!!
  9. The heavens have just opened in Newcastle, UK!
  10. I'm listening to the album The Rusty Razor by the Irish band Goats Don't Shave.
  11. Can I ask which version of the opening titles you're now seeing - or more precisiely, which version of the Fisher/Celia credit? I remember there being two versions of this partilcular shot, one of which I think was only shown a couple of times on a 'Monday' episode in 1988.
  12. purple_butterbear, Usernames have to be changed by an administrator. Drop a PM to Skykat (copying in Dan F) and they'll see what they can do for you.
  13. Si-Co

    Suggestions Thread

    OK, LisaCarmen, I've opened a thread called 'Connect the Character' - you can start off the game!
  14. Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me
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