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  1. Thank-you for all the lastest summaries added as well as the massive amount of character profiles
  2. Do you think I could use this one?
  3. I was wondering if someone could tell me what episode Kirsty and Kane got married in? (the first time) And maybe when it aired in the UK? Even just the year would be helpful.
  4. As far as I'm aware, it has not been released in shops yet, they are still working on the UK/Ireland release but if you really can't wait, you can order it from here for about £11
  5. What episode was Nicole's party where Axel attacked Melody?
  6. Thank-you for all the updates
  7. What episode was it when Geoff told Annie that Meoldy wasn't as pretty as the other girls?
  8. Weird question, as I haven't sent mail to Australia before. I like in the UK and I was wondering, how many stamps do I need on it?
  9. When Kane got the all clear after his chemo, Kirsty went up to the city to visit Laura who was taken ill at the same time (I don’t recall Kirsty saying what was wrong with her though). This was cut short when Kane was arrested for the armed robbery which his dad framed him for. Oh sorry, forgot about that. She was of course, mentioned then but we haven't seen her since the exam fiasco.
  10. Well Kirsty had to leave not long after her exams and she wasn't allowed to contact anyone. And I think bringing Laura back would be too much work for Christie but I'm surprised she hasn't never been brought up in conversation since Kirsty came back.
  11. Kirsty's twin, Laura never really came back after she did that exam for Kirsty. She wasn't really mentioned again as far as I remember.
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