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  1. Does Roman still own half of the Diner?
  2. Thanks. I didnt notice him as Trey's stepdad, just saw him today and I knew I had seen him somewhere before.
  3. Was the guy that signed Jai and Ruby up for something in todays Five episode the pilot from when the helicopter went down in the bush with Belle, Robbie, Martha, Kit and Kim? He's probably not the same character, but is he the same actor?
  4. Just finished watching the last video I could find in the house of Red Dwarf and just my luck, it was the first part of a two parter! lol And as I havent seen them in so long, I will have to look online to see what happened in the second part.
  5. Finished watching Crime Traveller on dvd, only 8 episodes made though And 2 and a Half Men is on in a few minutes.
  6. The Happening. Quite scary.. I also watched August Rush a few days ago, good movie. I wanted the soundtrack but it is double the cost of the movie!
  7. I have been watching my Christmas hoard. Didnt feel like watching them when I got them, but now I do. Just this minute finished watching Narnia: Prince Caspian. Very good and very sad at the end. Lets hope the next gets made after Disney pulled out. Although it wasnt the same without Aslan in it more than he was and no Beavers. Reepicheep made up for some of that though and Ben Barnes lol I have also watched.. SpaceCamp. A old movie, but still good. Treasure Planet. Which I have wanted to watch for years and only just got it. I liked it. Spiderwick Chronicles, which is another movies I wanted to see for awhile, that was also good. Fred Claus. I like Christmas movies, but I thought last year was abit of a poor choice, but this movie wasnt so bad. Hancock, which I thought was abit boring. Also watched The Simpsons Series 10 and Frasier Series 1-9. Now all I have left to watch.. The X Files, The Librarian: Quest for the Spear and Return to King Solomon Mines, Silent Hill, The Happening, August Rush and the 2nd National Treasure. And Blood Ties, but I havent even looked it up to see what it is about. I have Shutter, the 2004 version I think, I havent got the nerve up to watch it yet though lol
  8. Reo

    Im good.. How are you?

  9. The Mist. Great movie. The ending was good, but could of been better.
  10. Futurama: Bender's Game. Not as good as the first 2, but it had its moments. Roll on the next one
  11. Stargate rules! It's sad that they canceled Atlantis.. but on the upside, there will be a new spin-off next year. I never really watched Atlantis, saw a few episodes and it was good, but I never followed it. I read about the new spin-off a little while ago. Im not sure about it, I think all but the leader are meant to be younger characters and its meant to be them stuck on a ship or something. Why dont they find a planet and gate home, or are they never going to come across a planet. Sounds like Star Trek: Voyager. Stuck on a ship and cant get home. I watched Continuum and I loved it. I also watched Futurama: Benders Big Score.
  12. In today's Fiver episode who was that girl at the pool scene with Belle and Aden? I recognize her from somewhere.
  13. Stargate Series 1-10 and The Ark of Truth.. Now I feel sad that its not over, 'they' are still out there, but we dont see anymore I think I have been watching it too much lol I have to get Continuum. And Futurama: Beasts with a Billion Backs again..
  14. The Messengers. Good movie. Ordered a bunch of movies a few days ago. 4 got delivered today, Im waiting for others. The Messengers, United States of Leland, Thumbsucker and Futurama: Beasts with a Billion Backs. Movie Fest
  15. Reo


    I havent really been watching lately and did miss quite abit of Honey's leaving episode, but she left very fast and without real reason it seemed. Because she couldnt trust Billy after I assume his involvement with Jase and what he was doing. But it just seemed like a forced ending to her character. And can anyone tell me where Jane has been secretly going to? In yesterdays episode it seemed like Christian knew as he was going to cover for her.
  16. I saw that awhile ago, it was a great movie.
  17. Black Water, Rocket Science, Paranoid Park, Jumper and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. (I had a birthday ) Each had there moments, Paranoid Park was good, but I hated all the flashback scenes and no real ending. Jumper was also good, but could of used abit more and it left questions. FF was good, but I prefer the first. Still have more to watch
  18. Reo


    After they were rescued and in hospital, I expected the doctor to say everything is fine and then one of them suddenly die. At the end of the episode I was expecting that, even though we havent had another episode since, it is still possible, I dont think its going to happen and it will be a anti-climax. And where will they live now? And what is the bet that the house will be fixed up in no-time?
  19. Hey When Dani Sutherland went to jail she met someone called The Guv (I cant remember her real name), it turns out that she and Alf once dated and she had a child. But her parents took her away and I think put the boy, Owen, up for adoption. Dani helped set a meeting up with her and Alf. She told Alf this and passed away in his arms. (I think she was dying of cancer) Around the same time Owen died, he was beating Ric, (who was his son, therefore Alf's grandson) when he had a heart attack and died. Ric thought that pushing him back had killed him, so he went on a run. But was soon found and brought back. Alf and Ric found it hard to live with each other so he moved in with Flynn and Sally. I dont think Ric's mum has ever been mentioned.
  20. Thanks. Good that I checked the messages, because I thought it was the 4th episode along. Hopefully I remember, but its not the end of the world.
  21. Aww.. I missed it! I had internet problems last night so didnt see your message and I dont get to sleep until 5am so wasnt up in time.
  22. Thanks. Im not really a downloading person anymore.. And I need it together with my other episodes. I think I will tape it from the omnibus. Its only that one episode.
  23. Im an idiot! And a very forgetful one! I tape the show from Five Life, but yesterday, being a idiot I change to the wrong channel and only realize this when some Welsh show comes on. I changed the channel and missed the first few minutes, so I dont tape. It was no big deal, I just tape it when it goes on Five today. Completely forgot! Both lunch and dinner time episodes. I know there is a omnibus, but is there any other time, todays Five episode is on? If not what time and day is the omnibus on?
  24. Monster. (A rip off of Cloverfield). And for the first time ever, I feel as if I have really wasted a part of my life.. And I do nothing that you can consider an achievement anyway.. So that shows how bad that hour and a half was.
  25. I saw that the kitchen connected them.. But did the camera go right through or did it cut? He could of walked up some stairs. I think maybe they are just forgetting the second floor.. Both the Diner and Den seem rather small for the size of the place.
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