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  1. It's not Stacey and Bradley. It's
  2. The cast were out filming a wedding in my town for the past couple of days. Apparently two old characters get back together.
  3. Vanity Fair and King Arthur, neither of which were particularly great
  4. He's just not that into you. Highly predictable and total chick flick but funny. The book is very good, hard to put down
  5. Alien. For the first time. The alien that bursts out the stomach is really cute when it's just sitting there looking around
  6. Bride Wars (finally) Explorer, there's a MBV (3d) thread!
  7. why would you want to come here. it's cloudy, wet, foggy and variably cold/luke cold
  8. That was the sole reason for me going yesterday. After 2 mins I was thinking it was a bad idea as I don't normally see horror on the big screen but I really enjoyed it. The nudity scene was sooo funny. Kudos to the actress for doing it. Jensen was gorgeous as was Kerr. Shame there was no season of either of them topless I did actually know who the killer was as i'd looked at a thread on imdb which said spoiler, just hadn't expected it to give the killer away in the first sentence! In the original version (which I now want to watch) the killer is different.
  9. Deception. GOing to see "My bloody valentine 3d" tonight though and bride wars tomorrow
  10. overcast and grey, though i'm not sure how grey cause our office windows are tinted
  11. Quantum of Solace. Very dissapointing as a Bond film, the directors seem to have forgotten what made Bond films so good in the first place.
  12. It's raining. And I have to go out in it later to go for lunch. On crutches!
  13. aside from the two meals i bought recently: two sets of anniversary stickers for my card making mario kart for wii for my friends birthday a very ally christmas off ebay which is coming in from the states
  14. Shutter - the original thai version. It was really good
  15. Pi. It was just so bad. It was attempting to be an "arty" film and just failed. Thankfully it was only 80 minutes long, but i spent 70 of those waiting for the end to happen. Should have just switched it off, but i don't like doing that.
  16. Saw the remake of the hitcher last night. Not too bad. Have the original version of Shutter to watch, which is fine but i won't be able to stitch while watching as it's got subtitles
  17. under next to the xy=z bit i should imagine. I wish it would hurry up and be lunch time, this morning has gone so slowly
  18. i'm sneaking onto bttb at work. (I'd probably go crazy otherwise)
  19. but i'm at work, i'm meant to be busy. love your piccie Cerise. Charlie looks pretty. what is everyone else currently meant to be doing?
  20. So i'm guessing everyone spent the weekend watching films?
  21. Untraceable. Distrubing, but very very clever concept.
  22. blueberries that i nicked off my friends desk (with her permission)
  23. Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound. It was really good.
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