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When the Jewellery that Johhny stole from Amanda went missing from the forensics, after Brad found them, went missing, did they ever find out who took them?

In episode 4315 when Ash gave martha a necklace, it had inscribed on it K.P.

Who is K.P.

And did he really buy it from a pawnbroker like he said he had or was it stolen, or from his wife?

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Sorry, but I have a question. Could someone please explain to me how Belle came to accept Amanda? I think I missed that episode.

I don't know if anyone answered this. :rolleyes:

Amanda funded the search for the crash, and after giving up she felt pain in her leg which was suppose to be 'Belle's pain' so her and the rest of Summer Bay went searching themselves and magically found them.

So then they gradually spent more time together with a few hiccups, but it was mainly becase Amanda was giving her tips about how to steal Ric off Cassie.

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I've been wondering - the hamburger phone in the Diner,has it always just been there or was there a time when it was introduced for whatever reason? It's always very much been a part of the place and the show,I know it's only a phone!,but it has!

Thanks,in advance!!! :)

I know it was in the previous diner and think it has always been the same one. I think it is really neat but can't remember a storyline about it being introduced.

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