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    Home and Away(of course), and Charmed (best tv show ever)

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    Horse Riding, Shopping, Watching DVD's after a hard day, and watching home and away and charmed.<br />I also love Zac Efron as you can tell from my personal photo lol.
  1. Hi cool name lol. Luv Natasha xxx

  2. Your welcome glad you like it xx

  3. Hey it's bril, thanks! Haven't downloaded yet - visiting a friend.

  4. Thanx for the website. It's really cool! -Nath

  5. Hi iam Natasha, Thanx for the lastest H nd A episode xxxxx

  6. Oh and ive added u as a friend 2 lol

  7. OMG ive just seen ur personal pic, i luv it xxxx

  8. There from all over lol. Iam from Newcastle and thanx for ur comment . I luv Zac Efron as u can tel from my personal pic lol. I cant wait 4 the second HSM film, iam so excited lol. I have also watched every episode of charmed EVER lol. Luv Natasha xxxx

  9. Thanks! :) 16! Yey!

    Sorry I haven't left you a message for a couple of days, been busy. Sorry to hear about your exam, I'm sure you did better than you think. :)

  10. Heyy, thanx 4 leaving me a comment its my first one. HSM is lyk the best movie ever! Aw, a have dey tell u ive watched every episode of charmed and i luv ur username... and rhys of course lol

    p.s wheres most people on this website from?

    im from northern ireland

  11. Glad to hear it, Im good thanks

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