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  1. Good luck Jem, I really hope things work out for you. Hugs
  2. Hang in there Sarah, it's tough but you'll manage to get through it. We're all here for support <hugs>. As already said the best thing is to try and take the day in chunks. Are you getting plenty of sunshine/exercise. Both release hormones which can help improve your moods a bit.
  3. Have you confronted her about her telling her boyfriend stuff? If you tell her stuff is confidential and she insists on telling other people the only thing to do is not to tell her anything. She'll soon learn when she finds out she isn't told anything. I'm feeling really unsettled this morning and i have no idea why.
  4. the guy sounds like a total jerk, and you are so definatly better off not going out with him.
  5. hang in there, i know it's hard, but it won't last forever. I've been in a similar situation to you when i was at school. Have you tried confronting your friends about them talking about you behind your back? It's possible that there's a reason they're doing it (stupid i know but since when are people ever logicial) it could be that they don't think they're seeing you enough, and they're jealous of how much time you spend playing netball. Are you being bullied by other people as well? Is there a teacher, or an older pupil you can talk to? I know a lot of schools have anti-bullying programmes set up by pupils which can help. Good luck with it all.
  6. hey Emmasi, birthday and stress free hugs. Hope you did manage to enjoy the meal with friends and that you're feeling a bit better today.
  7. becuase that's how people are. I totally sympathise with you Marigoldy. I work in an office too and some of the work requests and things people expect you to do can be ridiculous. I am lucky though, cause the team i work for are generally really good. However, i've done loads of temping where that wasn't the case.
  8. Firstly, having had an injured knee and had to be off work with it i can sympathise. Your boss shouldn't have yelled at you down the phone, you can't help your knee being in pain. Going to teh doctor sounds like a good idea. Can you take you mum with you (not sure how old you are) and maybe have her wait outside, then if the doctor says not to go to work, get teh doctor to explain to your mum why not. she might be more believing a doctor maybe. In the mean time, try hot and cold compresses, and something like iboprufen.
  9. Marigoldy, hugs. I hope you manage to feel better soon, and you're able to feel less upset. You have every right to be angry/jealous, and anyone saying you don't is wrong. Hugs
  10. Hugs El. i remember problems wiht friends at school (I'm working now and I still have the occassional problems). I hope you manage to sort things out. I have you gave them hell for hacking your fb account. I've rung my therapist and booked an appointment for the new year. Was hoping for one today, but unsurprisingly she isn't working.
  11. It's not Stacey and Bradley. It's
  12. The cast were out filming a wedding in my town for the past couple of days. Apparently two old characters get back together.
  13. hugs to Traceve and Eli mbi615 - the teachers should be doing more than saying ignore it, they should be speaking to the girls and sorting it out. I remember being at school, and being bullied, my reaction was to spend my lunchtimes with my head in my brothers old notebooks writing a novel. By the time i was 14 I'd written a full length novel, pretty much all in lesson and break times! Generally bullies are insecure people who pick on others to make themselves feel better. I watch 17 again the other week and there's a great scene where Zac Efron takes on the bullies. Well worth it for the laugh (and maybe the tips)
  14. Emmasi, as others have said, suicide is forever and rather final. Please don't go there. Although anger isn't a great feeling, at least it is a feeling. Maybe you need to do something to make you feel alive. Not sure what. I'd suggest skydiving, it's what I did to make myself alive when I was spiralling down. May not be advisable for you though. <hugs>
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