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  1. Hi cool name lol. Luv Natasha xxx

  2. Your welcome glad you like it xx

  3. Hi iam Natasha, Thanx for the lastest H nd A episode xxxxx

  4. Oh and ive added u as a friend 2 lol

  5. OMG ive just seen ur personal pic, i luv it xxxx

  6. There from all over lol. Iam from Newcastle and thanx for ur comment . I luv Zac Efron as u can tel from my personal pic lol. I cant wait 4 the second HSM film, iam so excited lol. I have also watched every episode of charmed EVER lol. Luv Natasha xxxx

  7. Hi hope that website is ok, let me know xx

  8. Not much lol, how r u???

  9. Hi ive added you as a friend too lol

  10. Lol yes they are both extremely cute.xx

  11. Hi hows that website i gave you???

  12. Hi i luv supernatural 2 lol. Dean is so cute xxx

  13. Hi i luv ric and mattie lol. Thought i wud leave u ur 1st comment lol. xx

  14. Hi i also luv mark, as well as rhys lol. luv natasha xxx

  15. Hi cool name lol same as mine xx

  16. Hi thought i'd leave u ya 1st comment x

  17. Hi iam Natasha xxx

  18. Yeh like me or you lol

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