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Whenever I hear REM's "Stand" I keep on thinking that I've heard it on Home and Away. Was there a song that sounds like that used on H&A?

For weeks I've been thinking about this, Ryan.. only song that comes to mind is 'Lemon Suck', but I forget who sings it (until I hunt out my 1996 'H&A: The Music' Cassette).

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I was just wondering how a couple of characters came into the show.

Charlotte Adams and how she got to be living with Sally?

Jude and Noah.

And how did Josh leave the show? (Before he came back as mayor),I think it was something about his mother coming to the bay saying he needed to take over business because his father was ill,But i dont remember..Also how did he and Dani split up?

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I typed the words "gay" "lesbian" and "homosexual" into the file that Martin sent us, and Mandy is the first occurence of these words.

However, since there doesn't appear to be many character descripts for the episodes between 1991 and 1995, there may have been a small storyline that occurred in that period.

Charlotte's first appearance I think was some random scene in Jude's houses, she was living upstairs, where she wanted some coffee or something. Her main entrance storyline was as the trainee nurse that saved Jude's life.

After Sally fell out with Shauna and she left the bay, and then Gypsy moved in with Will, both Sally and Charlotte were living in houses on their own, and so they decided that it was a good idea for them to move in together.

Noah's first appearance was just before the mudslide as some random biker who picked Hayley up at a nightclub.

Jude's first appearance/entrance storyline I think was just as Noah's brtoher who was cleaning the school, there was nothing big or dramatic about it.

You're right about Josh's leaving storyline.

Dani and Josh split up after having an argument in the 2002 Season Finale. I think it was something pretty small they were arguing over.

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Yeah, I think it was perhaps the music was too loud her first appearance, though she did at some point later come down looking for some coffee stuff.

Gladys didn't appear for another 3 weeks after Charlotte's arrival.

Also in Charlotte's first episode, which was incredibly random really, she appeared in a rather akward scene with Flynn in the diner.

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