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  1. 3631 was when Dani was sent to jail and the first time she would have met The Guv, but according to tv.com, 3637 was the first when Maggie Kilpatrick was in the cast. After Dani was released from prison, The Guv then returned for a short time in a storyline involving Dani the following year, the first episode of this second stint being 3287. Hope that helps.
  2. Maybe there's something on Five....football or something?! I don't know. They sometimes show two episodes on Five Life if it'll get missed on Five because of sport or something.
  3. Someone asked how many weddings Sally had been bridesmaid at... Leah (twice) Pippa Bobby (twice) Carly Rachel Chloe I think that is all of them...
  4. To answer your question Guevara01, Scott Phillips was the one who held Shauna hostage I think, and Kane helped. Scott came back to the Bay and held Flynn hostage for a short time while he demanded money off him. Tasha recognized Kane as he and Scott had committed at armed robbery at a petrol station somewhere, which is why Tasha was wary of Kane when she first arrived. Kane visited Scott in jail when Kane was on trial (the time when he and Kirsty left) and Scott promised to give evidence to help Kane in return for Morag to help get him out jail. However when the court case came, Scott didn't d
  5. Thanks for clearing that up Ryan! Sorry, I've got another question. I'm writing a scene about Beth/Tony and wondered, how would Tony refer to Beth? They're not married so he wouldn't say "my wife"....would he say "my partner" or "my girlfriend" or something else? I know this is more opinion than fact, but maybe he's mentioned it before at some point.
  6. Can somebody clear up the Jude/Shauna/Charlotte relationships please? I know that: - Charlotte died - Shauna left the Bay when she said she had feelings for Flynn - Jude and Shauna got engaged - Charlotte got pregnant - Shauna returned at some point but I'm confused about the order they all happened in!
  7. I liked the bit in today's episode where Dan said about Ryan "Ryan saw it all. There's nothing good I can say to him." I thought that was really good to include and it gave a new perspective to the scene, from Ryan's view.
  8. Well he's a typical teen - doesn't give a monkeys about anything and would rather go off with his mates than be stuck in a police station. He doesn't think he's in danger as Jack is nothing to do with him. Why should he have to wait while he could be off having fun?
  9. Man that was a good episode! Loved all the Peter/Drew scenes. Can't wait to see everyone's reactions when they find out Peter's not dead. What was with that line by McGrath when he found the shot person: David Gillan. Or whatever he said. Too cheesy.
  10. I loved today's episode, especially the bit where Robbie kissed Tasha goodbye before his verdict. I'm liking the closeness of Ric and Matilda too. I love how their friednship is developing again.
  11. www.tamminsursok.com.au I think is her music site. www.hollybrisley.com.au I think is her site. There was a thread on this a while back; trying searching for it and there might be more on that thread.
  12. Sleepless in Seattle, which was on Five about 3 months ago and I never got round to watching it. A different take on romance where the lead characters are actually only in about 4 scenes together.
  13. That was amazing! You conveyed so much in what you wrote, it was great!
  14. Aww, I hope Peter's not dead, and that it's just some other random police officer...
  15. Anyone in paticular by the name of Becks??? I love this bit, I can imagine the scene and Peter's face as he walks in! Very good! Are you writing more? I wanna know what happens next!
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