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Sam was the stepson of Bobby (Don's daughter) after she married Sam's dad Greg. Seb was Don's grandson through his son Alan.

So I guess, if such thing exists, they are step-cousins....

Take a look at the Family Tree to see the relation, but before you say it, I know it needs updating :Phttp://backtothebay.net/familytree/

Something I've always wondered is if Lyn Collingwood (Colleen) and Peter Collingwood (Pippa's dad Bert) are related at all?

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If you take in all the people who were guardians of Sam at some point he has a huge numbers of grandparents

Mrs Marshall (Two gp's)

Greg Marshall (Two gp's)

Bobby Simpson (Don, Morag, Pippa, Tom, Doris, Al)

Pippa Ross (Bert, Coral)

Michael Ross (Two gp's)

Rebecca Nash(Barbara)

Travis Nash (Two Gp's)

Don Fisher (Isobel and husband)

Marilyn Fisher (Two parents, two foster parents)

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