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  1. That was so sad Eli, in the most beautiful way. It actually made me sad. Downloading the song right now I've forgotten how good the song really is (I love the lyrics in it)
  2. Ah, it's just the icon ;) hehe thanks
  3. The password for australian discussion is gone, is thaat correct?
  4. Does anyone know how I can remove my passwords adn stuff? I'm giving back my school computer
  5. Boring, got this power-point task to do by 2 pm. We first made this video but we couldn't get it over to the computer so now we have to make it to a power-point presentation Last day of school tomorrow
  6. Breakfast/Lunch watermelon Dinner: Bread.. I'm lazy when parents are away
  7. It's quite warm, but it's raining. I guess nearly 3 days with sun is enough for some time now
  8. Diesel has foster parents who he claims to have moved here. Note: ^ I'm not sure if it's a spoiler but I thought I'd better play it safe.
  9. I think you pressed the "Lo-Fi version"
  10. Hi hope that website is ok, let me know xx

  11. Are you sure? Wasn't it more centered?
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