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  1. Marieh

    Support Group

    Yeah, that's how I'm thinking now.. The year before I moved, I couldn't wait to get away from my parents and the town, now when I'm away I can't wait to get home, and some weeks that's all I can think about; I count the days until I'm home, but then suddenly the weekend is over and I'm back at school again, like now
  2. Marieh

    Support Group

    I had to move out when I was 16 (Year 11) totally normal
  3. Marieh

    Support Group

    iT'S GOOOD THAT YOU HAVE TOO FACE YOUSEFL.. BUT JUST.. SOMETHIMES THAT'SALL YOU NEED TOO DO.. Sotty about writing in capitlats... didnt know I did it Hopeeverything is better now Mar.. Not maybe all, but just something :)
  4. Marieh

    U (by Eli) - comments

    That was so sad Eli, in the most beautiful way. It actually made me sad. Downloading the song right now I've forgotten how good the song really is (I love the lyrics in it)
  5. Marieh

    Support Group

    Age has nothing to do with size and weight. I haven't grown a cm since I was 12, on the other hand, I've gained some weight since then and lost some. As how today, I'm happy with myselfand my body. But that's today. Next month I'll maybe feel fat and stop eating like I've done sometimes. But that's even worse because the little weight you lose then you'll get back, and some more. I've even tried other methods losing weight, drugs. And that's nothing I'm proud of. I lost 6 kg and the most, but then when I stopped because I thought I could lose some more without the drugs, I got 10kg back (4 kg more then what I had before I started) Age has nothing to do with your size and weight.
  6. Marieh

    Support Group

    Personal opinion. No, she shouldn't sleep on her tummy before she's atleast a year old (or more). You should try out a babysafe (I think that's what it's called) now before she gets to old and refuses to wear it. It's only my opinion, but it's something my family have done after my brother died in 1989 (the year before me)
  7. Marieh

    Support Group

    I remember my parents fighting alot after both my sisters moved from home, this is 6 years ago, I was 11 and cried every night because I was afraid that my parents would split. It got so bad that I one day called my sister, crying because they were fighting. She called them and told them what I was thinking and that I was crying. Parents never talked to me about it, but after my sister called them it stopped. Maybe it's just a small period of time. For my parents it was all about money... Can't really remember them fighting like that since then. Of course they have small fights now and then, but they're not big and usually they dont hide them from me like then.. -- You should talk to them about them fighting. Sit down with them and tell them how you feel when they fight and that you don't want to stay at home when they do it. They should listen to you and you should ask them if they want their fighting affecting your school work because you find it hard studying for your exam when they are fighting like that.
  8. Ah, it's just the icon ;) hehe thanks
  9. The password for australian discussion is gone, is thaat correct?
  10. Does anyone know how I can remove my passwords adn stuff? I'm giving back my school computer
  11. Boring, got this power-point task to do by 2 pm. We first made this video but we couldn't get it over to the computer so now we have to make it to a power-point presentation Last day of school tomorrow
  12. Breakfast/Lunch watermelon Dinner: Bread.. I'm lazy when parents are away
  13. It's quite warm, but it's raining. I guess nearly 3 days with sun is enough for some time now
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