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Dan F

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23 minutes ago, beau_t said:

I haven't caught up to current eps but what do you mean by this?

Saul has convinced Selina that if she was to have another baby, it would give Maddy a second chance at life - so he's offered to help her out. She's agreed but she doesn't know that Saul is actually infertile (Alex snuck into the commune at the end of today's ep to show her the proof in Saul's medical records).

What the poster was wondering was how long it would take Selina to realise that nothing was happening if she did start sleeping with him.

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4 hours ago, Dan F said:

Saul is actually infertile

Thanks Dan, I was aware of the story in general but had no idea or recollection of Saul being infertile which is why Project90's post confused me. And thanks to Project90 for being concerned about spoiling me but it's ok I wanted to know :D

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12 hours ago, project90 said:

Yeah was just saying like how Irene introduce herself as her mum was a nice moment 

I agree completely.

Has anybody else noticed Alf's Store seems to be getting phased out? It's shown a lot less now. And there's never any mention or sign of Irene working there anymore.

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