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Dan F

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Good that Fisher knows he wasn't responsible for Shane's accident and that him and Marilyn are going to be good friends from now on as well.

Travis didn't deserve to get dumped by Kelly, she doesn't even know if she has HIV yet.

Curtis please dump Chloe shes annoying.

Shane woke up :)

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I find it interesting that


If they were planning for Shane to die, why did he wake up from the coma only to have him die down the track anyhow?  Maybe it would have been too similar to bobbies death.

Was good to see shane wake up, and angel has not lost the baby.  Losing both of them at once would have been quite cruel and too much to cope with for Angel.

strange to see fisher being so drunk that he doesnt remember what he did, I always thought he was a teetotaller, didn't he get really upset when they spiked his drinks at a party a while ago?:huh:

so funny how the beach house is totally different, and no one has even mentioned it:lol:  I will miss those lovely green depression glass dishes across the shelf.  I also love that big old lead light cabinet in the lounge room at travis' house.  

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16 hours ago, dncllpyk said:

Yesterdays episode was sad. I cried. I know what happens 

  Reveal hidden contents

Shane dies a couple of months later

So it makes it even sadder knowing that

It does doesn't it? Knowing what we know now, its heartbreaking. And maybe that's what the clairvoyant saw? Not Shane's accident but his you know what. Hmm.

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Shane it wasn't your fault that Angel started spotting. Sucks that Shane will be out of work for 6 weeks. Angel seeing her baby on the ultrasound was beautiful.

I hope Jack listens to Shannon/Curtis/Pippa/Micheal and he stays in the bay.

Duncan's crush on Kathy is pretty cute.

Chloe you just asked Curtis if he wanted drugs from you, you need serious help.

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