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Ok so have managed to catch up. 

I can see why Selina is drawn to Saul. He has a tone of voice that seems gentle and caring and at the moment he is giving Selina all the answers she wants to hear. Especially about Maddy. How long does this storyline go on for anyway? Back when it first aired I thought it went on for years. Maybe it felt like that because I was younger. 

Chloe seriously get off those drugs. You are horrible when yo are on them and coming down from them. Poor Curtis doesn't know where he stands.

Shane so glad you woke up but what were you thinking trying to overtake a semi on a wet night? also who was it that hit him? But I know what's coming in the next few weeks and I don't want it to happen again. It was bad enough the 1st time around. 

Sam is a 14 year old boy who is discovering girls. He isn't a pervert at all. Jack's sister would only be a few years older. I think it's cute. How come he and Don don't really hang out anymore? In fact Sam has not been seen lately.

Jack I do like your hair since you came back from your mum's. Not sure why you needed to be that angry. Can't believe you wee just going to leave and not tell Sal. But I knew your mum was up to something. 

Kelly I know you must be freaking out but don't shut Travis out. But poor Kelly having her news spread like that.

Can someone tell me what happened to Christmas? Normally back then they celebrate it. We saw a tree up in the diner but that's gone but Shane and angel still had theres up. I'm guessing because with everything that has happened there has been no time to take it down. I know Don had his little party in the office which was funny, but no one actually mentioned Xmas day. 

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On 3/29/2017 at 7:40 PM, project90 said:


Oops my mistake I wrote the wrong name :blush:


Finally Curtis realises what's up with Chloe. It's obvious that Chloe is still into Jack and is using Curtis as a rebound.

Selina going to the commune with Saul is a bad idea but can Irene stop her?

Jack don't leave :(

Alex and Shannon look good together.



Irene couldn't stop Selina from leaving. Selina don't listen to Saul. Alex and Shannon are cute.

I'm happy Kelly realized she couldn't go though this alone and got back with Travis.

I knew Jack's mom was up to something and I'm glad Kathy told everyone the truth. I'm happy Jack is staying in the bay.

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I'm glad Jack didn't leave, it was obvious he was leaving for the wrong reasons-for his family and not for himself. It would have been a big mistake and he would have regretted it. Especially if he learned his stepfather was still around. 

The Selina and Saul storyline is intriguing and Saul is so creepy.

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I am amazed how easily Selina is falling for Saul's bull****, and how prepared she is to believe things about the fictional "Maddy" that are outrageously out-there fantasy! Is she really that uptight about the miscarriage she is prepared to screw herself up over it totally? Yeah, miscarriage is a bad thing, but really, it's time to move on, Selina.

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Marilyn is funny talking about driving the get away car and like how  Irene said she was  Selina mum was nice Saul so creepy wonder if  Selina  did start sleeping with him how long take her to get sus that she not getting pregnant

not really liking Chloe or Curtis  i was not watching back than so this all pretty new to me i do know a bit from reading ahead and from when I did finally start watching but yeah 

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