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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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... Come to think of it I can't remember where I got that information about his Mother.

I don't think it's ever been explained on-screen, but Kyle's 'official' profile on the Home and Away website suggested his mother died of an alcohol-related death soon after Danny was sent to jail.

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Kyle's profile states that: "By his mid-teens, Kyle’s mother was gone and he was set up with a foster family"

I've mentioned this before, but the ambiguous use of the word "gone" leads me to think that Kyle's mother may actually still be alive.... I think it is possible that she may pop up one day. I live in hope of a Cheryl vs Kyle's mum showdown! :)

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Ah, so for all we know Kyle's mother could still be alive.

I refuse to believe anything in the character profiles on the official site.

Well on that basis it's possible she's still alive, but you have to wonder why Kyle was in foster care though.

Romeo was in foster care even though is mum was alive. Foster care is actually designed for kids who maybe can't be looked after at home for the time being but might be able to go home at some point. It rarely works out that way, but it suggests Kyle's mother was absent or unfit rather than dead.

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