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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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I had a dream last night that Kyle returned and he had already been back living in Summer Bay for months but had only just been spotted walking into the diner. Irene said, "how long have you ben back" and Kyle said months, but I have just been keeping a low profile. 

I could show so see that happening if Kyle ever returned. 

I found very strange how Kyle miss out on having screen at Summer Bay House/School/Irene House .


I get that he had little reason to go to school but most regular  characters  find themselves having at least one screen at school.

I know people say he character was ruined in his last year but I don’t think he was runied as was never surprosed to be saint character like Alf for example.

But since he was last Braxton left they gave him  dramatic Braxton storylines as before hand he was more just in background and that’s why he seem more level headed one after he stop being evil. 

But in fairness most male characters started off evil in recent years like  Hunter/Tank/Andy.

Matt/Dean/Brax /Ash were never evil and even Heath was never actually ever evil I mean he was real a*** bad boy at first yes but never online of being evil.

Casey and Josh was more caught into there brothers activities then actually being bad boy 

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