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  1. Sasha was sad. She found it difficult in one episode where she cried with Jett.
  2. He had all the River Boys that was nice as he grew up around them as Brax was the leader.
  3. They showed Maddy crying just before the funeral and it showed her crying and Roo hugging her She was crying because of Josh as he blanked her.
  4. The writers are ruining the fact Maddy misses Casey. I just want her to mention him once. After all they went through together might as well not happened.
  5. Ruby is my favourite and Denny is my second. Him and Sasha were brilliant together through the court case.
  6. Casey had some brilliant stories. The desert was brilliant, before that the breakdown after he killed his father was true genius. The way he reacted was believable. The way he reacted to Tam and Kyle. Him being almost paralysed. The after effects is when he was at his best. His dyslexia was poor. They didn't give him any enough time to come round to it. The way he jumped into managing the gym. He didn't have any help. Yes he had tutors but him and Henrie were the main factor and not him needing extra help.
  7. She and Casey were going to sleep together, they tried to block out Spencer and Tamara together. She saved him when he drank too much. He saved her from the car explosion after they got ran off the road, and she was a mess when she found him and got him help.
  8. It seems Maddy was trying to be a friend to Josh but he made the move on her. I just hate the fact she wants him back and slept with him that makes it harder for her to let go. Why is it all about Josh and not Casey. She was mates with him and he gave her a job.
  9. He seems to be holding it in to keep busy but did say he would bury him then put Jake in the ground so I hope that means before the revenge it will all be about Casey.
  10. Brax brought all the bad into Casey life and will have to live with results of revenge.Jake was his mistake, but Ricky and Kyle were gambles. He is too soft at times and trusting. He wants control and to be looked up to and that is a killer
  11. Same here. I watch one scene or two scenes as extras but some scenes are off limits. No way can I watch it all except when Its on channel five in a few month in the Uk. We will see.
  12. He is holding in his feelings and being strong and keeping busy and quiet and cut off. Its what he does and its fitting but I hope he properly breaks down as we only saw that once and that was when Casey died and he was dragged away.
  13. fave character which is why i am finding it hard him being gone. His last episode he sat there but the look on his face and the fact he needed Brax there and knew he was dying and left him. knew it would hurt Brax, giving up like that which is why he said sorry. What a horrible last moment him knowing it was over and knowing the pain it would cause. What he was leaving behind. All that in his last scene. Ouch my heart
  14. Sobbing screaming and needing to be with Casey, Brax being dragged away was unbelivable. It broke me so much. He is amazing.
  15. Gorgeous scenes between Denny and Casey are heart renching.?
  16. Why did they show his face like that and take forever to him to react to being shot
  17. Brax screaming for Casey while he sobs a bit in the promo for the next episode may be the saddest reaction to being shot so far though not seen the episode yet. Why was he stood staring at Casey after the shot.
  18. Denny and Chris only had trouble as he was jealous of Casey when he nor her were interested in each other. And forgetting him wanting to take it slow after sleeping with her was childish Not forgetting Chris going after Tamara after Denny was out of town. Not happy she never found out about that. Her and Casey are better off. They have trouble, too much trouble but when their good their good.
  19. I think I heard Ricky mention her parents death and how hard it was once.
  20. I think Alf having a story is much needed. I thought Roo being taken ill might do it but he hardly had one line while sat in that damn hospital. I hope we see more of him and his support. Sitting by her bedside with a couple of lines does not count as a story line.
  21. They never mention anything as a recurring story. Casey had dyslexia for about a month and now he manages the books at the gym. He was also mentioned to have a temper but with Andy taking him fora ride over and over he suddenly becomes all nice.
  22. I remember Casey had panic attack at his court case and I was thinking he would again after his whole no legs, Barrett is my dad thing, or Tam fell for my brother but they left it out to be a one time thing. I suspect next year this will all be forgotten and whenever something else happens they won't even mention Oscar is still taking medication for his troubles and may deal with it in another way.
  23. This hit and run was such a good story for him It is long running and has a huge affect on him. That picture was genius. The way he feels about himself is brilliant. I just hope now he calms down and slowly comes to terms with his mental state.
  24. Matt is a typical boy. He is trouble, but has feelings and finds it hard to express but manages it. Somehow he goes back to being his normal self because on one changes. He is a growing character that should not be judged for the bad things if its only through speech.
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