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  1. Are you trying to make me cry? Absolutely savage behaviour. On the whole Robbo retcon... I thought I had stumbled on a Blindspot spinoff & was waiting to find out what his tattoos meant. I would have probably been #1 fan of this plot/character if it hadn't been such a blatant rewrite to the story. As for Ash with Colby. Figured it was yet again a way of ripping away everything Ash was becoming in the last week or so. Heaven forbid if he starts being seen as a good guy again by viewers. After all, he is the baddie... right?
  2. Did I sit on the TV remote & switch to a US soap? That whole court scene so just WTF . Waiting for Ice T to show up with an explanation.. Poor Dean. Don't know if it was Willow or Colby who broke his heart by asking him if he took Ava but that face... He looked like a kicked puppy. I understand why he would be accused but hate the way it was built up. I really want him to be the one to find Ava now. As for Ava... Where was Buddy & his protective instinct? Unless he is the one who set it all up for the lolz. Probably also the one who set up Ryan/Breckett/Robbo/Jim-Bob. #Buddy!Master-of-the-Universebay. #BuddyObsession. Ben and Maggie broke me a lil in that kitchen scene. Damn you H&A!! And yesssss, that is the Ash that I remember being introduced. Had time for others when they are in need, even if not in sync with those who need help.
  3. Less said about that Dean moment the better. I know he hasn't been around long but I felt it was out of character that he would say something like that to Ava. For me it was yet again shifting a character to fit the story... which has been happening too much lately. Buddy yet again upstaging everyone! Such a diva that he refuses to perform tricks for the stupid humans. He is too cool for this show. #Buddy!DaBigDawg!
  4. Oh Dan, you are awesome ! ... I think I still have those episodes on VHS somewhere. Just need a new VCR...
  5. I'm loving the Astoni family dynamic more and more. Every time Ben and Ziggy spend time together it feels like a natural father/daughter dynamic, especially when she is taking the mick. My only hope is that no long lost children appear because that just taints it. But I have to say wow, Ben in a suit just makes me think of the character Rohan played over 10 years ago. Considering it was only a few episodes I always remembered that character and wished he had stayed. Never thought the actor would appear as a complete opposite character. Oh and standout performance by Buddy. That dawg has star quality
  6. I'm liking Dean. He has the same vulnerability that Ash had when he first appeared, which Kyle also had. I'm watching at UK pace and we just had the scenes where it's revealed the River Boys have basically disbanded, which is obviously a bad thing for Dean. From what has been hinted at he grew up watching this gang be an inspiration only for it to be almost broken up by the time he gets a chance. Plus he never got the wake up call that Colby did. He is like a do over of Heath but wised up faster. (Bonus points for making me see real subtext for the first time in a few years )
  7. ... Is the Dean/Colby story supposed to be so subtexty? ... Wait, is it texty? I just have no idea. When I mentioned it the first time it was just a joke but I feel like I'm being smacked in the face with this pairing. If it gets any stronger I am gonna start thinking it is queerbaiting. It actually feels like a first love deal between them. Does anyone else feel this way in a non-jokey way? I like the Dean & Willow friendship. Both are struggling with moving on/growing up away from a life that to them was awesome until it wasn't. I like that this is played out alongside the obvious distruction of the River Boys.
  8. I think Ash said it best when he asked how he has become the bad guy. He is no innocent (I may be a fan but even I admit he can be a dumbass who picks the stupidest route when a problem appears!!) but what has he really done wrong that is unforgivable? I feel for Robbo (apart from him showing no gratitude to Colby) but this whole 'Who is John Doe/Robbo/Breckett?' story has gone on too long. The fact Tori still doesn't get why Brody is angry is just bad. He actually tells her himself that it could jeopardize the freedom he has and she just blanks it. Did anyone catch her comparing their crimes but saying Robbo doesn't know his crimes? I'm kinda stumped on that, considering he has confessed to Novac & that happened post Breckett. Or am I missing something? I like Dean... he reminds me of a puppy version of Heath. Pushing buttons but just under that layer is a good boy just waiting to bound out. He just needs the love of a good Colby character .
  9. Oh my days.... Am I seriously supposed to be finding this Robbo/Tori crap endearing. I understand completely why people are angry he is on bail, considering he admitted he has killed & as far as they know he is a contract killer. As for Tori telling everyone to get over it. At this point I dislike her more than Robbo. And I am still more sympathetic towards Ash. This throwing character A under the bus for character B is seriously putting me off the show. I am basically still here for Buddy & the hilarious subtext of Dean & Colby that I bloody hope doesn't disappear.
  10. My Tori hate has reached the point of never changing. And why? Because even when told her hiding Robbo could have sent her brother to jail... she gave no signal that she cared. Choosing to help Robbo over Ash is one thing... but Robbo over Brody? Of course this will be swept under the rug. Had to laugh at Colby finding no evidence of Robbo's new identity. I would love it if he turned out to be a complete sociopath who just takes the lives of his victims for ****s & giggles . Tomorrow's preview... Ash realises he is the rebound when Colby stumbles on a date/bonding sesh with Dean & gets snarky ... Or something like that. Wasn't really paying attention.
  11. Alf & Roo's storyline? I'm sorry... I don't know what you are talking about . Just want to go back to earlier in the week and the Willow/Tori scenes... In fact all Willow scenes at the moment. Her trashing Ash as a thug would have meant more if she hadn't been one herself. Bonus points for the fact that she (quite rightly) bagged Ash out about his violence but in the next sentence said she wanted to thump him for his behaviour. How does that work? As for her behaviour to Colby. I know we don't have the full story yet (and i am really looking forward to the reveal) but it feels yet again that I'm supposed to be rooting for her. I just wanted Colby to verbally smack her down. And yeah, I am still getting the heartbroken vibe from this Colby/Dean connection. Would make it all the more interesting & Dean doesn't seem to know what personal space is. Holy flirt, Batman .
  12. So... Colby & Dean... Which one got their heart broke? I know the chances of that being their past is non existent but damn, my inner hoyay heart started beating for the first time in years.
  13. And the complete assassination of Ash is complete and for what? I'm saying it again....this feels so much like the assassination of Dani & Rhys Sutherland. Both had every reason to react the way they did but got thrown under the bus for other characters. Ash started out as an ex-con looking to start fresh... but that isn't exciting enough for the writers to write about. He's lost everything but should be more calm about that. Whatever. Beginning to wish Ash had been a cellmate of Jesse's & not Brax. Was Robbo always going to be a regular character? Or are we about to get an almighty retcon to write off the whole hitman with memory lose? Ryder is just infuriating! It's like watching River Boys: The baby-face years. As it stands I'm just watching it for Buddy. That dogs face sums this show up really well. Edited to add: I tell a lie. I really like Maggie & Ben!
  14. I have to say I feel a little lonely with still liking Ash. The more they try making him the bad guy the more I support him.
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