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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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Brax is so right as soon as Tam gets her memory so will her feelings for Casey and Kyle would have lost a brother for nothing even Tam will remember that when they slept together he did not care about Casey`s feelings at all.

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I'm kind of hoping that it's not a case of Tamara getting her memory back and instantly going back to the person she used to be.She's had this big experience with Kyle and developed feelings for him and I really don't want that to all go away.Kyle was really in a position of either taking a chance with Tamara or having both him and Casey lose her for good and I hope he isn't made to suffer for doing what a lot of people in his position might have done.

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I'm not liking Kyle in this love triangle storyline. Instead of Kyle being caught up with this annoying storyline, I wish the writers would explore his character more and what his past was like living in a foster family and how the death of his mother soon after Danny went to jail affected him. Kyle needs more character-driven storylines.

I like Kyle as a character, but I don't like the storyline he's currently involved in.

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I hate that the two newer characters are the ones being alienated in this whole mess, which is something you really don't want to do because it makes it extremely hard to intergrate them back with other characters once the story arc is over.

I do feel that when/if this storyline ends anytime soon then it will be Kyle who comes out of it worse off. I think the great thing about Kyle is that technically he is still a blank canvas so the potential for character development is still there. All we know is that he was a foster kid (anyone written a fanfic involving Pippa taking him in yet? Oh I wish I still had the knack for writing fanfic :lol:) and he finished school with good results.

I just want to take this opportunity to explain why I like Kyle.

You know when certain characters are added to a show (any show really but particularly soaps) and you spend quite a while trying to figure out just who they are, where they are headed and just generally speculating (like we do here basically)? When the Braxton's first showed up I pegged Heath as being the one to change the most and Casey to get dragged into the criminal word and have stood by that throughout. I also stand by what I have said about Brax reminding me so much of Vic Mackey in The Shield. But when Kyle appeared? Pfft, it was like a wildcard to me. I still can't figure out this character and just where he is heading.

And that is why he appeals to me. Does that make sense? :blush:
Probably the first character in a long while to grab my interest and keep it.

Edited to Add: You snuck a post in while I was writing up my post :P.

We haven't seen much with him a part from hurting Casey

But then you miss the part where it becomes obvious that Pa!Braxton didn't just screw with Casey's mind but also Kyle's. And the fact that Kyle has tried to stop hurting Casey up until this mess of a storyline.

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I still can't figure out this character and just where he is heading. And that is why he appeals to me. Does that make sense? :blush:Probably the first character in a long while to grab my interest and keep it.

It makes perfect sense to me and I too find Kyle intriguing and interesting.

He has always had a bit of a mysterious vibe about him and 6 months on it still lingers. He is not at all predictable and it's hard to anticipate where they will take this character.

I think they have done a good job creating a character that has glimpses of all of his brothers but is very different at the same time. A lost floater who never quite fits in anywhere, no matter how hard he tries.

I do wonder if we will ever see his famous "desert temper" rear it's ugly head again or is all that anger buried now that he has found stability and direction? Is dark Kyle gone for good?

Regardless, I hope that now he is with Tamara, we will benefit from her guaranteed urge to discover more about the mysterious man she is falling In love with. I hope that we learn more about him as they begin to "learn" each other.

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When Tam was wanting to run away and Kyle and Tam both kissed, Tam asked Kyle, 'What about Casey'? and he said 'I don't care', that to me, was probably the most hurtful thing that Kyle has done to Casey.

I know a lot of people won't agree with me considering Kyle has shown he is a decent guy and the desert hostage situation seems to be way worse, but it was just sad, that in those few seconds, he just didn't seem to care about Casey at all. Even if it was to stop Tam from leaving.

Him saying he didn't care just broke my heart for Casey.

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But it is just those few seconds and even then that's only one interpretation of the line.I think it's less a case of not caring about Casey at all and more of a case of not caring about the consequences with Casey and everyone.Up until that point, Kyle had clearly been very torn between the fact he's been in love with Tamara for months and the fact that if he acts on their now mutual feelings it's going to cause a lot of hurt and upset, and that was the moment where he decided "You know what?I don't care.There's a chance we can be happy together and I'm going to take it."

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