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Kyle Braxton - Nic Westaway


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I just watched episode 5768 (I skim then watch fully when I have time) and the scenes between Casey, Tam & Kyle were quite interesting because they were not what I expected (again!) after reading the episode discussion. It was obvious Tamara was uncomfortable everytime Casey got close but when Kyle tells him quite calmly that she needs time and space it is Casey who mentions Kyle's past feelings. And it is his reaction that I found very interesting because it really did look like he hadn't even considered the idea of making himself look good to Tamara. I know he argued with April about the issue but it was a passing mention to his intense feelings but when Casey mentioned it then it looked like it truly sunk in.

I mentioned something a few weeks back in the UK discussion thread when the episode involving Brax & Kyle visiting Casey in jail aired and that I am going to copy and past over here...

Even though I am a fan of Kyle there have been moments where the acting has seemed quite iffy (especially when he was introduced)... until those scenes in the prison, which showed some great acting between some off the wall stuff. I get that Casey is about one strand away from snapping but other than the crazy eyes I just didn't feel it. And Brax just came across as a complete tool and annoyed with all of the questions regarding Tamara. But the standout moments in those scenes (which were boring and predictable) were the reactions of Kyle to Casey's questions and Brax's lies. Some great acting from Nic Westaway, especially when no words were spoken because he used his eyes and facial expression's to show how much it is hurting him that he is the cause of the imprisonment. Considering he has only been on the show for just over 6 months (it is that long, right?) Westaway is improving quickly.

I stand by that after seeing the scene with Casey and Kyle. I love the subtle acting moments and facial expressions can get a lot across, along with using the eyes.

And also the scene with Leah was great because we finally got to see him smile!

Edited to Add: I would totally love to see a young group living together again so thumbs up to that idea. But then I would have loved Rosie moving in with Sasha & Indi more...

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For the first time in a long time (years in fact) I have been feeling the urge to write some fanfiction, with Kyle and Heath as the focus because it would be a humour fic. Which is a first for me as well.

The last fic I wrote (and remains unfinished) was about Ric in prison, I think.

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*kicks thread*

What, no discussion about the new character information? I'm kicking this joint back to life, even if it kills me!

So we apparently know a 4 things about Kyle now...

- He was a foster kid

- He got a full education thanks to foster parents

- He isn't awkward when it comes to posh restraunts and clubs

- When he gets drunk he ends up not remembering anything... and quite possibly steals pineapples.

But seriously, I do find that third one quite interesting because it throws up many questions again. What was his life like before Danny Braxton found him? And if he did completely change (which does feel like it is being implied) then what the hell was he like before? It is now completely obvious that the profile on the official H&A website is deeply flawed and should not be relied on for canon information. It says that he was in prison but has this been mentioned in-show yet?

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