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No matter what Kyle is doing in the future he isn't getting the business.

What makes you say that? We have already seen that he can run the business like a pro, keeping the accounts all above board and everything running smoothly. I would have thought the natural step would be him taking over Angelo's completely, unless it is sold to someone else before Brax leaves.

It is either that or Kyle goes to university... which is not a bad idea since we know that he is pretty intelligent. He finished school, has the brains for business and is a little bit medical savvy. When Sid was telling Kyle and Heath what was happening with Brax (and Tamara) Kyle didn't need it simplified, unlike Heath.

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After a less than promising start in 2012, Kyle has blossomed into one of my favourite characters.Along with Heath, he seems to represent the genuinely nice face of the Braxtons, along with possessing

I feel that it was totally ridiculous... All or nothing... But for what? Some chick that came in for a few scenes then he loves her and goes to jail for her so she can have her family.  Like what

I thought there was room to explore a bond between Kyle and Oscar/Evie after they all got kidnapped together by the twins father. Afterall Kyle did risk himself to try save them but nope instead we go

I think that however Brax might feel about the Casey/Kyle/Tamara situation at the moment, he'd never cut Kyle out completely and Kyle does seem like the obvious choice to take over the business, even if it's just as an autonomous manager with Brax still owning it, if Brax ever left town.Going to uni might make sense in real world terms but it's not that helpful from a storytelling point of view, he needs something that'll keep him at the heart of the show and give him a reason to interact with other characters.Unless they have a whole load of people going off to uni together?Might be an idea when we get to his exit around 2016 or whenever.

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I've been giving some thought to Kyle and Sasha being friends. I mentioned the idea in a thread recently, can't remember which one. Someone was suggesting Kyle and Rosie as friends which led to Sasha.....↲

Anyway, I was just thinking about how it doesn't make sense to expect Kyle to be automatically 100% loyal to the Braxton's after only knowing them a short time, and I realised Sasha had been in the exact same position. Sure, the Walkers aren't as intense as the Braxton's but Sasha was thrown into this family who had no idea she existed while she was still dealing with her mothers death. Which got me thinking that her and Kyle really should have been friends. And again, nothing more than friends. I know there's an age difference between them but they could have had a really interesting friendship there. There hasn't been a boy/girl friendship done well on this show since Aden and Nicole. (which they kind of ruined towards the end)

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I don't understand how you can be friends with kids when your an adult because there is no way to get them to interact. It doesn't make sense. I hate the way they make reason for people to be friends like Kyle and Tam being outcast with no family, and the the braxton come along for them.

Sashan and Casey both killed for selfless reasons and that was never used when they become friends.

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Casey was still dating Sasha when Kyle first came to the bay. They could easily have interacted then without it being weird. ↲

Why do you have to bring everything back to Casey anyway? His and Sasha's relationship was stupid from the get go, regardless of what they may have had in common.↲

All I'm saying is that a Kyle/Sasha friendship is something I'd have liked to have seen happen a few months ago.

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Only because of what they have been through, not because they are alike in any other matter. They already have him with Tam because of their similarities.

I'm not saying have them in a relationship. I'm just saying as friends. Not now though as Supersonic says because he's tied up in the triangle story but later down the track it could work. Especially if Sasha ends up

being the only Walker left in the Bay. They could end up being housemates.

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