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  1. I'm liking Dean. He has the same vulnerability that Ash had when he first appeared, which Kyle also had. I'm watching at UK pace and we just had the scenes where it's revealed the River Boys have basically disbanded, which is obviously a bad thing for Dean. From what has been hinted at he grew up watching this gang be an inspiration only for it to be almost broken up by the time he gets a chance. Plus he never got the wake up call that Colby did. He is like a do over of Heath but wised up faster. (Bonus points for making me see real subtext for the first time in a few years )
  2. I have to say I feel a little lonely with still liking Ash. The more they try making him the bad guy the more I support him.
  3. Sarah was the last sympathetic psycho that h&a has had. She loved Felix & it was the crystal meth that fuelled her pain/anger. Am I remembering it wrong but didn't she kill herself after shooting Noah. I thought that was a brilliant end. Her relationship with Zoe was a way of escaping the mental ward.
  4. I like this idea... Kit was a great character because she was realistic, not model like and quite an independent woman when she got her life on track. Though I am still a Noah/Kit shipper I always thought Kit would have been perfect for a same sex pairing. Hell, I thought that first appearance in 2006 with her rehab friend (played by Frankie from Wentworth I think) was going to be something. I so need to binge watch the Kit episodes I have
  5. ... I like the name of the actor. I have nothing else to add as yet.
  6. Holy thread resurrection batman! Oh Kim/Robbie, you were simply awesome & now our shipper hearts can fantasize that they had a beautiful son...
  7. I have no problem with the abuse storyline because it does match up with her history. The episode just shown in the UK where she talks about marrying Mud when she was too young and her actions was a great tie-in. My main problem is the added secret child aspect because it just smacks of lazy writing. If you wanted to have more of Irene's family then bring in one of her children or grandchildren. I'm not a big fan of recasts but when certain characters haven't been seen in years then it does work, just look at Roo! I guess one thing I was pissed at was using the actor who played Nathan as a completely new character last year.
  8. I wouldn't really have a problem with Matt/Maddy if I hadn't felt somewhat manipulated by the blantant character assassination of Oscar. I had been enjoying the natural drifting apart of Oscar and Maddy with the second go at a relationship, to the point that it was reminding me of Lucas and Mattie reconnecting only to realise it wasn't the same. Then they had Oscar go really out of character & kiss a random extra! Subtle.... not!
  9. In theory Hunter should be a sympathetic character because he is what his Mother made him... very much like Dylan was with Angie. But this is the downfall... Dylan never went full psycho on anyone. Hunter burnt down a house (with people inside) & then messed Maz but has not yet fessed up. All this & now they try to make him likable? Then we have Olivia. Couldn't they have introduced her in a better way? I am not just talking about her flirt/bitch thing with VJ but the whole thing. By introducing her like this they have basically trashed a past character off screen (James). Just to make her a little sympathetic... after introducing her as a witch. It just feels like the logic was toxic character + tragic past character = bingo!
  10. So much potiental but completely wasted. They are just going to completely revert him back to the Kyle that tried to kill Casey & was a complete psycho... which wouldn't be half bad is we got to see this happen. Still love the character though. If only I had still been writing fanfic... .
  11. 12 years? Where did the time go! This site has had laughs (BTTB Big Brother, anyone? ), a gazillion lunatics (naming no names) & a few tears (our dearly missed Frankie). But through it all you guys have kept us forum members in check & given us a place to visit. You minions really do rock .
  12. The Collector & The Collection. Twas a gory Sunday afternoon
  13. *cackles* And I refuse to look at my old posts. Definitely a attitude back then but I have loved every minute of being here.
  14. My favourite kind of weather. Blue skies but cold (was a deep frost over night so it still icy).
  15. I haven't had a decent spag bol in ages... *sigh*
  16. Time whizzes by when you are spending it with loony tunes and Golden Oldies (& an aging geriatric ). But seriously... I can't put into words how much this forum helped me through the years. An old non-H&A forum had gone extremely quiet (then shut down) around the same time that I started watching H&A again. This was back when in real life I was at my worst (didn't venture outside for weeks, depression etc...). The forum was like the Holy Grail to me because I got to discuss the show and forget about my troubles. And even though I wander off sometimes I always end up back here because it feels like home . I started out a lil immature (shut it Dan ) but as the forum grew I think I did as well. I've met some wonderful people on here through the years, with a special mention to our sadly departed Frankie. And I've met some truly interesting people... most good but some not (naming no names). So thank you Dan F & Chris. (When do I get paid for my glowing tribute then?)
  17. All of the female characters introduced this year have been a big step away from what has been expected over the last couple of years.
  18. But 5* is so full of such gems at the moment, such as... Hmmm... Answers on a postcard .
  19. Chocolate poptarts and an irish cream coffee.
  20. I was not a big fan when he showed up but I have to say that Johnny Ruffo must be a quick learner because his acting has gotten better in a short span of time. Love the Chris & Irene scenes the most.
  21. This is just completely... . All we can hope for is maybe more repeats.
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