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I did not enjoy Alisa, Fisher and Nick in the diner telling each other that Bobby should't be a foster parent. Its like they have no faith in her.

Oh she hasn't started that crap AGAIN has she?

Oh my. It was bad enough the first time, but again!?

Doesn't sound like they have much faith in her at all, or maybe they just don't think she's suitable. Either way it isn't very nice of them to chat about it in the diner like they're talking about what's on the menu. Very rude. Bad Alisa. And Fisher? He's behind the times, it's 1991, women are equal and can do as they like. :) Stick it Flathead.

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Karen and Sophie are too irresponsible to have a pet sitting service anyway. They didn't think it through enough and they should have called the dog's owner and explain the situation to her, but all they saw were dollar signs.

Don't care much for Rachel.

Sam is too cute. I wish the adults had more faith in Bobby also.

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A great run of episodes lately. Lot's of changes what with Sam and Nick. Also Karen, Sophie and Blake have really settled in now - I'm starting to notice a change in Karen in particular, she's becoming more confident and has a bit more of an 'edge' to her, not as 'cutesie'.

It's been great to see Sam arrive and watch Bobby go through the motions. So many lighthearted and 'feel good' moments too. Also - what a beautiful house The Beach House is. I've said it loads of times before, but seeing lots of outdoor scenes reminds me how brilliant the location is. I want to live there!! (And they really need to bring it back to the current show!).

Good to see Alf's store too. Carly and Ben are becoming more and more secluded, which I find interesting to watch but also sad. I feel sorry for Carly, she seems lonely to me. Ben doesn't seem to have many friends either.

I can't believe how far we've come, when they started broadcasting the early years I didn't for a second think we would reach the episodes we're seeing now. I'm very grateful.

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