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  1. Great chapter Sarah. Diana really is a nasty piece of work. I like how you made April the one who got through to her though. It's good that Diana finally gave them the address. You capture the community well, feels a lot like past H&A with all the closeness and caring which isn't always there these days on the show. I hope Olivia is found soon, poor girl will be so scared by herself. Wondering if they'll be a confrontation between Chloe and Diana. Keep up the awesome writing. Look forward to reading more from you soon.
  2. Hey Steve. Sorry I haven't commented you or your stories in a while. I just caught this and I must say it's brillant. You write so well. Will be keeping an eye out for the next chapter.
  3. Plus, she has had a tough and difficult life so she's like this and quite grown up for that reason. Well said Shelly.
  4. Congrats on your reply from Ray. Not sure about how long it's taking these days as not written to any of the cast in a real long time. I guess they may just be really busy with things.
  5. Same here. There's too much hate being said about the relationship and how they're going too fast. I don't see the problem, it's only a show at the end of the day.
  6. Good start Sarah. I especially liked Xavier interacting with his daughter, little Emma is so cute. Look forward to the next update.
  7. What the heck? She hasn't been around long enough to have developed as a fully fledged character yet. Give it some time.
  8. Ok so these will probably be my last fanfictions. If there is any interest then I will write them, but it will be once my current one is finished. Story Title: Speak Now Type of Story: One Shot Main Characters: Sasha, Stu. Other Characters: Possibly Sid and Dexter. BTTB rating: T Genre: Drama Spoilers: None. Any warning: Violence of a nature. Summary: Sasha thought that her relationship with Stu was going well, that is until he got angry and hit her. Now everytime they are together she feels like she's walking on eggshells. Will she suffer her boyfriend's violence or will she speak to those who can help her. Story Title: Summer Bay Mystery Gang Type of Story: Medium/Long Fic. Main Characters: Dexter, Xavier. Other Characters: Casey, Ruby, Sasha. BTTB rating: G/T Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Supernatural, Comedy, Horror. Spoilers: None. Any warning: Will warn if any. Summary: Dex and Xavier are self proclaimed professional paranormal investigators and star in their own show on the web. Upon buying a rusty old mini van that looks exactly like the mystery van that the Scooby gang used to ride in, they take their supernatural activities around the Bay.
  9. Great chapter Zetti. I really enjoyed that. I second what Sarah said Rocco is cute, ubberly cute. I'm glad Casey will get to spend time at Rocco's party. I think the Braxton brothers need some time to chill with each other without fights. They deserve that much right now. Look forward to the next chapter. Update again soon.
  10. Awesome chapter Red. I enjoyed that. I loved the scene between VJ and Pippa. You write the characters so well, just like they are in the show. I could picture VJ's interactions and everything he said during that. I think those two may been getting into a bit of puppy love. It would be nice and cute. I felt very sorry for Dex last chapter, but he seems to be picking up and I'm happy that he's seeking solace in Leah. I have a feeling that something may happen between him and Leah, although I could be wrong. I guess I'll just wait and see on that front. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  11. Growing up sounds cool. Summer Bay Teens Growing Up Or Teens of Summer Bay Growing Up or just Growing up or Growing Up in Summer Bay
  12. Great chapter. Really nice chat between Dex and Xavier there. I'm seeing sparks flying between Sally and Liam too. I wonder if anything will happen with them. Update again soon.
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