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Belle Taylor - Jessica Tovey


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I think if she was cremeated, we would have seen Aden scatter her ashes by now.

TV shows most of the time don't show every single detail of what happens after a death. Just because they didn't show the ashes being scattered doesn't mean she wasn't cremated.

I think if she was scattering her ashes over the water would be beautiful.

She may have been cremated but they did, not want to show every single boring detail so they did not show the cremation.

On the other hand she may not have been.

TV tends to not spend weeks burying and mourning for someone!

Dotti, that would have been amaingly gorgeous! Especially if Aden was crying. *aww* :wub::wub:

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I think that Aden should scatter Belle's ashes, because it would give the writers a chance to recap on all the best Adelle scenes, and us Adelle fans a chance to fall in love with them all over again.

When Aden is starting to be able to cope, and able to think about living again, that's when he should do it.

You know what, this has just given me an idea for a oneshot. I'm off to write it now. :D

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I've been a fan of Belle since she came to Summer Bay. She has always been my favourite character.

My favourite Belle moments.. thats a huge list :D

I loved the Belle & Mattie picnic on the beach, as well as the strip poker. Jessica Tovey's acting with her kidnapping storylines was amazing, as well as with the drug storyline. That was just outstanding, and so realistic.

My favourite pairing would have to be Adelle, because the chemisty was sizzling, literally.

I loved the relationships between Belle and Amanda, Irene, Geoff, Annie and Nicole

The lead up to the wedding and Belle's death was so brilliant, but yet I was devastated because I knew what was coming.

I miss her so much, it's not funny. It feels like I've lost a friend, because I've been watching her for so long.

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[/quoteIt gives us hope that she might come back, since we didn't see her get buried.

Don't Agree at all, but just feel it would have closed the chapter of adelle and made it easier for aden in the long run also may be an opportunity for more flash back scenes guess we must stay tuned

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I'm not to sure. I don't know much about the show. I wanted to watch it because Jessica Tovey was in it, but I have no clue when the shows on, what channel or even what day.

You could try the TV guide that you get in the newspaper, that'll tell you what day its on, or maybe under the TV section of this forum. I'm sure there is a thread about it.

Sorry I couldn't be more help,



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