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  3. Big update for one of our old reference features today - "You Say Goodbye..." which chronicles the departures of all the regular cast members from the Pilot to the present day! It can be found by clicking here!
  4. I have no trouble saying I loathed Bianca when she first arrived, but after watching the final few weeks of the season, I have been impressed at how Lisa Gormley's portrayal of her has won me over. You really got the sense of a woman torn, and I could really empathise with the emotional journey she went through, even though it's not something I've experienced myself. It's just a shame they insist on putting her with men without any trace of fire or personality - shes deserves better, though I'm convinced she's going to get it...!!
  5. I think Dex is definitely one of the best things to come out of 2010. The Marilyn storyline was a little unusual, but you'd be surprised how many guys have the older women complex (myself, thankfully, not included! ) and it definitely established the type of personality Dex had, and where his character was coming from in the world. He's the sort of character that I watch and I genuinely want good things for - I hope in 2011 he finds some sort of place within the world though not to the extent of becoming 'generic teen'. I hope the writers embrace the advice that Marilyn give him - it's his q
  6. Some more extended summaries have been added, covering 5124-5130.
  7. I have directed you towards the Picspam in the Multimedia area - clearly nobody had looked at it properly, or you'd realise it isn't a million miles away from what you want to do. Now please, can we put this to bed?
  8. Please see this part of my post, I have tried to offer up a compromise: We didn't stop making departure features for fear of bias, we stopped because we simply didn't have time. Our decision to not carry out a Tachel feature is not based on fear of being accused of bias,its purely because we don't have the time to do them anymore. The whole "bias" thing came up simply because we said that if we were to do one, then we'd get accused of it. I can understand your frustration, I honestly can, but we've explained our reasons, which I think are perfectly justifiable. There doesn't seem
  9. Nor do I - there certainly hasn't been a backlash for the last few characters that have left, so I'm unsure as to why it's suddenly happening now, given that the lie of the land has been pretty clear for a while. As for creating websites, might I suggest www.webs.com - it's a site that essentially does all the formatting for you, you just have to upload pictures and copy in text, couldn't be simpler! In regards to how the show has treated the characters - well, that isn't really our fault. We are in no way affiliated with Seven, and our decisions are made entirely independently of what S
  10. To clarify, our decisions are not based on comments from any individuals, so please don't think that we're preventing you from doing anything because of anybody else. Infact, we are not preventing you from doing anything at all. I wholeheartedly agree with you that the CAD section is not the place for any kind of 'feature' - either in the dicussion thread, or as a seperate thread. The reason for this being that we overhauled it a while back was so that it was generally a much neater board, and there weren't multiple threads on each character/pairing. If we allowed a thread of the nature y
  11. I would point you in the direction of Ryan's post at the top of this page. Ollie got a departure feature because there was one staff member driving the whole thing, and ultimately producing the majority of the material for it - had that not been the case, he probably wouldn't have gotten one either. The truth of the matter is that nobody seems that bothered about them, until it's their favourite character leaving and suddenly find it terrible that we don't do it - we haven't been doing them for a while now, so I'm not really sure why it comes as such a shock.
  12. I'm not saying they haven't happened, there is definitely a bond there - I just find myself not as invested in it as the other bonds she's formed in the house.
  13. I quite like that about him - far more realistic than the "Super doctor" status that both Rachel and Flynn (though Flynn moreso) seemed to acquire. Him not being terribly good at it also gives them a chance to use other characters as advisors.
  14. I agree with you in terms of her role in Summer Bay House, her relationships with everyone there are really nice to watch. Strangely enough though, I think the most underdeveloped of those is her relationship with Miles, which I find weird given that he is supposed to have the "patriarch" role in the house. I'm fairly certain she didn't have a lot to do with him before she moved in, so it would've been nice to see some sort of bond developed - though having said that, I think the moment has passed for that to happen.
  15. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day. :)

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