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  1. I have no trouble saying I loathed Bianca when she first arrived, but after watching the final few weeks of the season, I have been impressed at how Lisa Gormley's portrayal of her has won me over. You really got the sense of a woman torn, and I could really empathise with the emotional journey she went through, even though it's not something I've experienced myself. It's just a shame they insist on putting her with men without any trace of fire or personality - shes deserves better, though I'm convinced she's going to get it...!!
  2. I think Dex is definitely one of the best things to come out of 2010. The Marilyn storyline was a little unusual, but you'd be surprised how many guys have the older women complex (myself, thankfully, not included! ) and it definitely established the type of personality Dex had, and where his character was coming from in the world. He's the sort of character that I watch and I genuinely want good things for - I hope in 2011 he finds some sort of place within the world though not to the extent of becoming 'generic teen'. I hope the writers embrace the advice that Marilyn give him - it's his quirks that make him special.
  3. I'm not saying they haven't happened, there is definitely a bond there - I just find myself not as invested in it as the other bonds she's formed in the house.
  4. I quite like that about him - far more realistic than the "Super doctor" status that both Rachel and Flynn (though Flynn moreso) seemed to acquire. Him not being terribly good at it also gives them a chance to use other characters as advisors.
  5. I agree with you in terms of her role in Summer Bay House, her relationships with everyone there are really nice to watch. Strangely enough though, I think the most underdeveloped of those is her relationship with Miles, which I find weird given that he is supposed to have the "patriarch" role in the house. I'm fairly certain she didn't have a lot to do with him before she moved in, so it would've been nice to see some sort of bond developed - though having said that, I think the moment has passed for that to happen.
  6. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day. :)

  7. Laura

    Happy birthday! x

  8. I do understand what you're saying here, but it was more than one five minute conversation - Gina and Mink had several scenes in which Gina tried to get through to her. On all occasions she failed, so I think the change in Mink was more down to herself letting somebody in as opposed necesarily to what Gina was actually saying. Gina wasn't saying anything that Mink probably hadn't heard before, but it was Mink choice to finally allow herself to listen, rather than any super-mum words from Gina.
  9. The New Dexter is a vast improvement over the old - not the fault of the actors involved I hasten to add, but the Old Dexter had barely any personality at all. I do worry they they are in danger of over-doing some of the "humour" of the New Dexter though - it works in places, but think he needs to show another side to himself beyond relentless quirkiness.
  10. Foxy

    I see what you mean!

  11. For discussion of new regular April Scott.
  12. I don't think she has... That is not to say I know any more than anybody else, as I'm completely in the dark, but I'm sure she hasn't stated that her cancer has returned. Infact I distinctly remember one scene in which she told Rachel that her scans were "all clear". And when Alf asked her if it was back, all said was "I prefer not to use big words like cancer". I think there's much more to this than meets the eye.
  13. For the record, we've been monitering you for a while now. An unofficial warning isn't over the top, infact it's quite "under-the-top" - we had considered putting you straight on moderator preview. We don't step into these situations for the fun of it, we only do it if it's absolutely necesary. If a definition is needed: Picking a hole in someone's opinion means pointing out where you see a flaw, and substantiating what you're saying with fact. Attacking is this - - I'm sure this comment from you wasn't intended to rile anybody was it? Any further correspondance you wish you have, please do so via PM, as this thread is for discussion of Charlie and Angelo.
  14. No, it is not your right to attack - you are more than welcome to disagree, and pick holes in somebody's opinion, but we will not tolerate attacking opinions on this board. Attacking an opinion is pretty much the same as attacking the person given it, because the fact it's an opinion inextricably links it with the person giving it. Unfortunatly, a lot of members seems to think that using an aggressive tone can be concealed behind the "but it's a discussion board!" excuse, but that isn't the case. We've noticed an increasing amount of aggression in your posts, which is something we do not tolerate on these boards. We have placed other members on moderator preview for similar behaviour, so you may like to view this as something as an unofficial warning. And, because I can second guess exactly what your response will be - that isn't a means of us censoring your opinion, it's a way of ensuring that your tone stays at a level which maintains the inclusive and civil atmosphere we like to cultivate on this board.
  15. This emoticon: - can come across as a little hostile when directly addressing another member - pleas be aware of how you're using it. Also just to remind everyone that this thread is for Aden and Nicole's onscreen relationship - whilst there is bound to be some crossover dicussion of just Aden, just Nicole, and probably of Liam too, please make sure that the thread doesn't stray too far from topic. Thank you!
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