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  1. Happy Birthday!! Now you have to come on to BTTB to read your comment.... Tele xx

  2. Love the artwork, and totally agree that Australia is a neglected country in terms of celebrity visits. Especially Western Australia, where I happen to live. I'd love to request some Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) and Mark Salling (Glee) avs, if you have the time ?
  3. Gorgeous update. I haven't seen your artwork in such a long time! I'd love to request some Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) and Mark Salling (Glee) avs if you had the time. If not, no worries!
  4. Im going to reply to your comment in a because what I write might spoil it for people..

  5. I know :( I actually screamed at my laptop (I watched it online) while watching it. It was so amazing, I was speechless. Did you figure out who Chuck was? How good was the Lisa part? At the end, do you think Sam is just Sam??

  6. Season five finale of supernatural broke my heart :'(

  7. Happy Birthday Dean !!!

  8. Sorry about your Nan Bec Great start to the story though Love the description of Nicole; extremely glad that Roman and Leah are a couple in the story; basically, I loved it all. Update soon
  9. I'll send you a PM in case someone who your talk to reads the comment and it spoils it for them :)

  10. I haven't seen it, but I read a five page plot summary, so talk ahead :D

  11. Hey

    Have you seen the point of no return episode (Supernatural)

    I need to talk to someone about that one!!!

  12. Yay, an update An awesome one at that! Love how this story is going.. however, I don't think it counts as a short fic anymore Tele
  13. Georgia


    And April 29th is going on my calender, with little stars and hearts So glad it's coming back. YAYYYYY, this just made my day :D
  14. How are you today?? I like you fanfiction and had commented on it. I had posted Chapter 6 of my Home and Away fanfiction (The Beginning) yesterday :) Have a good day xx

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