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  1. I am going to message you right now! Can't believe you're a Klainer and I didn't know about this before!!
  2. Hope its ok if I steal another one, Jen! Your artwork is seriously amazing!! I will credit of course!
  3. To be honest, I think Casey has had so much **** thrown at him this past year, he deserves just to be happy for awhile but the writers seem to plunge him into really bad situations all the time lately and I'm feeling sorry for him! I like that everything that he has been through has changed him for the better... This Casey is much stronger and tougher than the Casey that first arrived in the Bay but I just wish that the writers woud lay off him a bit! Give the kid a chance to be happy for once!
  4. Hope its ok if I use one of your icons Jen! I will of course credit you for it!
  5. LauraPhilly!!


    Ahhhhhhh, absolutely LOVE Glee at the moment. This season has just been brilliant so far! FINALLY a kiss between Rachel and Brody. Not sure who I like more, her and Finn, or her and Brody. Either way, Finn has got some really competition because Brody is seriously HAWWWWT I'm not sure Rachel's feelings for Finn could be swayed though... I think she still loves him and will always love him the most. I just knew it was him at the end... he had to ruin it between Rachel and Brody. Ah well Unhappy about what I see happening between Blaine and Kurt. I hope a breakup is not on the horizon. They share the top spot for me with Brittana for best couple! Seriously LOVE them! Absolutely LOVED Darren Criss' rendition of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". One of my favourite songs covered by one of my favourite Glee characters! Couldn't have asked for maybe from that episode. I wish we would see more of Santana though... I miss watching her relationship with Brittany. Can't wait until next week's episode! I am such a Gleek now!
  6. Happy birthday Laura! Hope have an amazing day! (: x

  7. Happy Birthday Laura hope you have a good day :)

  8. Hey Laura how are you?

  9. LauraPhilly!!


    Watched season premiere of Glee. Omg absolutely LOVED it!! I am only a new Gleek since this summer so am still catching up on the 3 previous seasons. Can't wait to see more of season 4! Dean Geyer...
  10. Absolutely stunning Jen! Quick question... could I take the liberty and crop and use #17 of April? I'll credit you for it of course!
  11. It was very sweet in yesterday episode when Brax went to visit Charlie's grave. What a beautiful spot! Quite similar to Jack's burial place I remember thinking. Heath made a very good observation as well, that Brax still has feelings for a ghost but I'm sure that's going to be the way forever, especially because she was taken from him so suddenly, the body is probably still in shock! Charlie has been mentioned every now and again by various characters in the past few months, it's nice to see that se hasn't been forgotten.
  12. I have to admit that I am getting slightly sick of some members on this forum constantly giving out about how the Braxtons seem to avoid being charged for any wrong doings that they may commit. This is a soap opera. It is not real life. And if every character was charged for every illegal thing that they did, there would be hardly any characters left in the show. I wish people could just enjoy the show, and not constantly point out about how unlike the real world it is. It's just a tv show!
  13. Jen, I absolutely agree with you! It's odd, you took almost the exact words out of my head! Dex, just from his upbringing and the way that he is, has always been a more stable character than April. He has such a caring nature and is so sweet, and she just seemed to forget all that when she saw Dallas kissing him. Maybe this is just my opinion, my kissing isn't even cheating!! It was just a kiss so April absolutely overreacted then by breaking-up with him and sleeping with Heath! Heath of all people. She would have been a hypocrite anyway for just sleeping with Xavier, but with Heath?! I would like to say that Dex is meant to be with someone else but if so, she hasn't turned up yet!
  14. I am so frustrated with the writers at the moment because in the past year or two, I think they have really destroyed Ruby's character and left her open to a lot of dislike from the viewers. I remember for years, I really loved her. I loved her friendship with Annie/Jai/Geoff and her relationship with Charlie. She was always this happy, cheerful, carefree girl that just pretty much took things as she saw them and accepted it. Now obviously a person is going to change with age but since when did she become this person who has to be in a relationship all the time, and is going after other girls' partners. I can barely remember where her obsession with Romeo came from... I think sometimes Ruby sees a person being nice to her as being in love with her, and then she pursues them with such gusto. There was that obsession with Liam and then with Romeo, who were really only being nice to her if I can remember rightfully. A lot has change for Ruby since Charlie's death obviously, and she probably feels very alone in the world, but I think she needs to realise that she doesn't need a man in her life to feel that she is being loved. I know that she would feel even more loved if she had a big group of friends than a boyfriend. But in her pursuit to have a man in her life, she is infact hurting her friends and alienating them. Ruby is digging such a big hole for herself at the moment, I'm not sure whether she's going to be able to climb out of it
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