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Belle Taylor - Jessica Tovey


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Belle was an amazing character, and I miss her dearly as well. and just like you H&Aaddict I still hope she isn't really dead, but I have come to terms that Belle isn't coming back and she really is dead and burried. I also wish Jess the very best with her future and if she makes it to hollywood and becomes a movie actress, I'll be one to buy all of her movies because she is the freaking best...

and just so everyone knows... I will NEVER stop making Belle Taylor av's... :D EVER!

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and just so everyone knows... I will NEVER stop making Belle Taylor av's... EVER!

Haha, me either. She is such a good subject for Icons.

Isn't she what, I just love making Belle icons, so many colorings work on her :D

i agree with master holden......

Why should it, any other character who has passed still have their own thread so why merge all of them into one where so many people are taking about so many characters it will get that confusing no one will know whats what or who's talking about who.

I personally like the way it is and think it should stay that way. Every character that has been on the show deserves their own discussion thread!

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i agree with master holden......

Also it never showed belle being buried.

It gives us hope that she might come back, since we didn't see her get buried.

Belle gave Irene a letter, when she was in the hospital, we still haven't found out what was in that letter yet.

Does anyone think the girl in the pic with Angelo from the new promo looks a lot like Belle. I mean if she returns, maybe it's being kep top secret and know one knows about it, hey, no one knew Lincoln Lewis was leaving that was kept secret aswell.

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Ok, I realise that the tendency to bring people back from the 'dead' in soaps over recent years has led to people being suspicious whenever a favourite character dies, but seriously, we saw her die! Aden shook her dead body and tried to wake her up, for goodness sake. The reason we don't see her get buried is because the whole storyline has been so rushed it was almost like they couldn't wait to get rid of her (or else she got cremated :P). Sad as it may be, she isn't coming back.

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I think if she was cremeated, we would have seen Aden scatter her ashes by now.

TV shows most of the time don't show every single detail of what happens after a death. Just because they didn't show the ashes being scattered doesn't mean she wasn't cremated.

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