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  1. Whats the address to write to Luke Mitchell?? Thanks soo much! <3
  2. Hmm... magazine, hair clips x 2 and mcdonalds fries <3
  3. Went to her 'fearless' tour on Sunday! Best night of my life!! :D Today was a fairytale - Taylor Swift <3
  4. Have a great time in Florida!!! How long are you going for? <3

  5. Blue denim mini shorts, Grey 'fireflies' T-shirt <3
  6. A mixture. Hot day today, but got a cool storm this afternoon with some rain. Wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow? hmm... <3
  7. Good to hear :) Well enjoy your weekend.

  8. Yes it was INCREDIBLE. Bestnite of my life loved it too pieces and would totally pay to watch it again she has an amazing voice! How are you?

  9. Hey Barbara,

    Understood completley. I left a request in your thread. :)

    Take your time... because I understand you have alot of other requests and I look forward to seeing more avatars in the future.

    Hope you have had a great weekend.

  10. I would like to request Aden & Nicole picture-thingys! <3
  11. Yeah they turned out wonderfully! An tonite im going to the Taylor Swift CONCERT!!!! Awesome, hope your not too snowed in, I love the British accent lol. Haha thats the way to do it :P Watch them on youtube ;) Hope you have had a gr8 weekend!

  12. What are your other childrens names? :) Have any ideas in mind yet? haha.

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