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  • 1 month later...

I thought I’d revive this thread but not for the reasons I was hoping. What a difference a year makes eh. As someone who I thought started off lively, a breath of fresh air, enjoyed watching on screen and at times made me smile now I sometimes get annoyed just looking at her.

It’s been interesting how the transition has gone from a pretty down to earth headstrong young lady into a spoilt little princess. The last time I posted it was shortly after Ruby was showing a keen interest in Xavier. Well that developed into borderline stalking and I did say on another thread it was almost pathetic. I didn’t think it was possible for someone like her to become so obsessed.

Anyway I’ll start by saying I really liked her relationship with Nicole. Granted it was a bit random (considering that they weren’t on the best of terms after Ruby first met her when she was playing pool with Pat) how they were suddenly thrown together and became good mates but I liked their scenes together and especially how Nicole confided in her about Gardy. I’m going to assume the friendship thing was something else which developed “off-screen”. However that seemed to be sacrificed because Nicole had to deal with life after Roman and her new foster family, then there was the stuff with Trey, Belle’s death and now Liam/Aden. Ruby had her own events to deal with.

The main reason I’ve gone off her is because over the last few months she’s shown herself to be quite a selfish and self-centred person. And occasionally a hypocritical one at that. Something which springs to mind a while back was when she wanted Charlie to press charges against Trey for the whole filming himself having sex with Nicole but orchestrated the naked video of Lyons on the net the year before.

I couldn’t believe her attitude not so much when Charlie told Ruby that she was her mother but that she was raped. I could understand her being in shock knowing she was the product of something so awful and she had her life completely turned upside down but she seemed to have very little empathy towards Charlie. Again I understood when she took off with Geoff to stay with her aunt however it just annoyed me the way she told Charlie she was moving out and dismissed her when Ross showed up. Almost like she was trying to punish her without a thought for how worried Charlie was about her taking off or how Charlie was feeling at the time.

Similarly she seemed to punish Xavier by ignoring his phonecalls when he backed out of letting her stay with him Martha and Hugo even though Martha was pressurised by Morag to change her mind. She also threw a strop, refused to go to Brendan’s party so Brendan had to lose out because Xavier jumped to the wrong conclusion about her and Geoff, even though she was starting to fall for Geoff anyway. This despite the fact she’d declared her undying love for Xavier and lost her virginity to him several weeks previously - And before anyone starts I know Xavier used to deal drugs so he's no saint either.

Her level of selfishness in her mission to track Grant down literally made my blood boil. Despite promising Charlie not to contact him she went ahead and did it anyway and also didn’t care how it affected her mother either – Unbelievable. All she cared about was some sort of revenge. So not only did Charlie have to face her attacker but Ruby’s actions brought him back into Charlie’s life. I know Grant was pretty convincing but it was disappointing seeing her starting to believe his story over her own mothers. It wasn’t until Charlie kidnapped then tortured him (incidentally I really did not like Charlie in part of that episode) and he admitted it afterwards then Ruby finally believed her. After that she just continued to get more and more annoying by the minute. She went and opened her big mouth and told Geoff, Xavier and Morag about what happened, thereby implicating three more people and making them accessories to quite serious crimes. If Morag hadn’t put her foot down she would have told him Ross too. And just because she didn’t get her own way she moved out…again!

After Grant died I thought she did the right thing for once and finished with Xavier (by then I was so sick and tired of the way she was treating him, I just wanted them to be over). But when Derrick injured him and he appeared to suffer temporary amnesia, I just hated the way she tried to turn the situation to her advantage and manipulated him into lying to the police and giving a false statement. I know I criticized her above for not being sympathetic towards Charlie but that was not the way. Again didn’t care about how much trouble Xavier could get in. When Ross and Morag had doubts about her story she chucked a hissy fit and stormed off (even thought the whole mess was partly her fault in the first place). I was glad when Xavier fessed up to Robertson. It’s a shame nothing happened to Ruby though. And that’s one of the reasons why I find her so frustrating right now apart from Ross being up on a murder charge most of her actions don’t seem to have any real consequences.

At the moment I really don’t like her but I hope they try and focus more on the old Ruby, develop a proper mother/daughter relationship with Charlie and show more scenes from her friendship with Nicole (although I’m kind of on the fence with Geoff) because if they keep writing her like this my fear is I’ll end up hating her which would be a shame.

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Sadly, I find myself agreeing with Slade.Ruby does seem to have become more and more of a self-centred princess as the year has gone on.I was watching an episode from earlier in the year recently, when Xavier was worried about Hugo being missing during the shark business and Ruby was trying to joke him out of it.I seem to remember at the time that what I really didn't like wasn't that Ruby was being a bit irritating but that she actually seemed annoyed that he wasn't willing to forget about his brother and have fun with her.I don't even like Xavier that much but I still think he deserved better than he got from Ruby at times.(I've heard people argue that he dumped her for Freya but they seem to have forgotten that he told her he already had a girlfriend and she responded by getting him drunk so he'd make out with her, then acted surprised when his girlfriend turned up and he wanted to be with her.)

I'm worried that they do seem to be turning Ruby into the latest character that we're expected to go on loving whatever she does and whoever she hurts:Ruby persuading a boyfriend she was planning to drop at the first opportunity to break the law "in a good cause" was worryingly similar to Belle doing the same to Angelo last year.I'm hoping she doesn't go down that route and we see her rebuilding her relationship with Charlie and maybe even accepting her as her mother next year.(I do like her protectiveness towards her.)I'm beginning to suspect she's a much better friend than girlfriend so it's a shame most of her friends dropped out of the show at the end of the year, hopefully we'll see more of her interacting with Nicole and Annie next year.And while I'm not entirely sold on her and Geoff yet, if he manages to get a hold of his wandering backbone he might be just the person to pull her back into line.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i think if she finally gets over her bitterness with charlie she can become likeable again cz i am finding her 2 be really dis respectful 2 like so they got 2 change attitude really and get geoff away frm her coz he just adds to my annoyance!!!

but i like ruby but not at the mo but maybe when she is nicer 2 charlie :)

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Ruby is such a precocious brat. She really is bordering on obnoxious a lot of the time. I hate how she speaks to Charlie some of the time, with such disrespect. Unfortunately I think Ruby is thrust upon the viewers as one of the girls we are supposed to like, despite that fact that she is thoroughly unlikeable.

I completely agree. People used to absolutely blast Dani Sutherland (who I quite liked most of the time) for her selfishness / self centredness but to me Ruby is far worse and yet no one ever calls her out on it. You can tell what the viewers are supposed to think of a character by the way other characters react to them. When Dani acted selfishly or whined, other characters would almost always say "gee Dani, you're being quite selfish / whiney today". Have you ever heard anyone say something like this to Ruby (maybe Xavier might have done it when they were breaking up but I can't remember)? This leads me to believe that we are in fact supposed to like her and just...no. I often felt the same way about Belle but she didn't get away with it quite as much. And her relationship with Geoff is just sickening. I haven't been a teenager for a few years now, but teenagers aren't like that these days are they?

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^I agree as well.Ruby sadly seems to be following the same well-trodden path as Cassie and Belle, behaving in a selfish manner and hurting people yet all the other characters act as though they're saints.It's almost as if the writers just don't realise how unlikeable they are and expect us to automatically be on their sides because they're main characters.

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I use to really enjoy watching Ruby when she first arrived in the bay, but as time when on and she changed so much i found myself starting to really dislike her. I would like to see the way she treats people improved. It's like she gets what she wants and doesn't care who she hurts on the way.

I would like to see Ruby stay single. Since she arrived on the show she hasn't seemed to say single for long. I would like to see how she developes as a single girl, rather then always having a boyfriend around. The my feelings about her may change.

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I did like her. But the only thing I didn't like about her is her selfishness and how she acted like a selfish cow since she learnt Charlie was her mother. I never liked it when she barged into Grant's house and yelled at him in front of his family.

I hope she will change back to her old self like she was before the shocking secret about her real parentage was revealed when she learns what happened to Charlie. I hope the attack on Charlie would knock some sense into Ruby and make her realise how she is really lucky to have Charlie in her life.

Just my opnion :)

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