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  1. I agree it would be nice for H&A to have a long term gay teen character. Dex would be a good choice.
  2. I wouldn't be too sure, just because they people might like them individually doesn't mean they like them as a couple. Plus the Logies seems like half the nominations are bought to me - very dubious. Angelo's fan seem to be the type that loves him for his "looks" and really couldn't give a monkey's who he is dating. The ratings haven't benefited from the pairing of C/A, and the Bay of Love commercials aren't drawing people in either. I don't think they are anything like a success for the show.
  3. Waste of space. Clearly just there to prance about with his shirt off. One of the worst one-dimensional character they have introduced to the show.
  4. Well lets face it as awsome as Jazz was, if she was made a long term character they would probably take her down the same road as they do for all their female character and make her weak like they have with Charlie and to an extent Nicole. This seems to happen to women on the show alot.
  5. I like Annie a tiny little bit now after she was firm with Jai about not having sex with him at the party. She's still annoying but I don't hate her that much now. (I know I'm redirecting because I'm even warming to Martha these days).
  6. That is Kirsty's main problem isn't it and probably why I don't really hate despite the fact that she does the same stupid things over and over.
  7. Right, like back when was the worst character on Buffy. After a while you get fed up of loving to hate them, like with Martha. I used to love to hate Martha then I just got bored of her. Angelo I just plain can't stand and FF all his scenes.
  8. Highly possible and I hope this is the case. Although insulting her and saying she's sleeping with Hugo seems are rather ineffective way of doing this but then again Angelo is non too bright.
  9. That is not the case for me. If Joey came back I wouldn't want her to go anywhere near Charlie, because of the way she treated her last time. As for Charlie, I could list guys I wouldn't have a problem with her dating, Hugo(because it would annoy Martha), Miles(as I've complained about various things he's done - I think he's a fairly decent and respectful guy), Aden(I think he's a great guy), Roman(although he's gone now) and Tony(he's a good guy too). I might draw the line at Alf because that would just be bizzare. If Charlie dumped the jerk that is Angelo then I might consider her less than awful but Angelo would still be my least favourite character on the show.
  10. I think Angelo smashing up Irene's house was more because Belle turned up at his place of work making trouble for him than because he cheated on her and again his "publicly humiliated" her(which is debateable since she was the one that seemed to get all the hugs)was because Aden was winding him up.I actually think Angelo tried to be diplomatic with Hugo at first, at least for about thirty seconds, but Hugo obviously wasn't going to give him the time of day so he came down on him hard.Maybe he should back off and be professional but to my mind he's only responding in kind. Anyway, I accept that you don't like Angelo and you don't like Charlie because she likes Angelo.I don't agree but I can relate.Personally I like Angelo and I like Charlie because she likes Angelo and I enjoy watching them. If he is going to be a police officer he needs to be professional and not act like a little boy, it's his job and no matter how Hugo behave he needs to behave in a appropriate manner. He has no business responding in kind, that's what a child would do not a police officer. I think they are the worst couple in Summer Bay history that doesn't involve a rapist/person who beat up his girlfriend.(you know basically most of the people Cassie dated.)
  11. Have I not covered why I dislike Angelo in various posts all over the place? In case you missed it, he is arrogant, smug, violence, hypocritical, unprofessional and immature bully. That is why I dislike him and by extention Charlie. It's not even about how they treated May who is like more than a plot device. They are both vile people and seeing them together is just horrid. As for a mutual fondness, well I guess jerks can spot each other at 20 paces, how great for them. Angelo smashed up Irene's house and publicly humiliated Belle, so she cheated on him but Angelo proved what an immature and nasty little man he was. And you know I'm not Belle's greatest fan, I think she's whinying but she didn't deserve to be treated the way Angelo treated her. He should have been more of a man, but then again he couldn't as he's just a immature little boy with a gun out to throw his weight around. I don't like the way he deals with Hugo, no diplomacy there - if he wasn't trying to wind up Hugo he could get his job done alot easier and recall I'm not a fan of Hugo either. I think I've listed enough reason for disliking Angelo. Keeping in mind that I think Angelo is one of the most odious characters on the show, why then would I like him in a relationship with anyone? The fact that Charlie wants to be with him only reflects badly on her.
  12. When Joey first turned up Charlie was really nice which made peple think well of her, but now we can see what kind of odious individual she actually is. When push comes to shove she was nothing more than an coward and liar. As I have said killing Jack is not the only reason I dislike Angelo, people bring it up as being a mistake, so what his personality stinks no matter if he killed Jack or not. Charlie hasn't got a hope in hell of having a stable relationship with anyone least of all the unstable twit that is Angelo. Did people not see how he treated Belle and the way he talks to Charlie no if she so much as dares to disagree with him at work.
  13. Well it shows how funny syphilis can be. Anyway I'd rather Charlie got together with Robbo.
  14. Haven't you ever watched Buffy? syphilis IS funny. What you describe would make me turn off the tv.
  15. that was injected with a massive amount of sarcasm Yeah but see them having fun would mean Charlie wouldn't be concerned about her(almost weekly) increase in probability of getting syph haha I love Luke but Angelo is just more irritating by the episode.. He used to have charm now it's taken over by whining Why is she got syphilis she might be killed off which could please me greatly. Oh and I'm too lazy to make another thread and if I made another I just know that the mods would could it down so no I'm not making another thread.
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