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  1. Starbucks double choc frappuccino, starbucks strawberry and cream muffin (can i just say how much i adore starbucks. Yum. ) and some chewing gum.
  2. Aw k sounds good! :) x

  3. Yeshhh i got the best presents! I'll txt you bout them all tomorrow :) x

  4. It was really good :) i hung out with my best friend for the day and we did it all this stuff and then i hung out with my family for the day, it was a really good day :) x

  5. Thank you so much :) x

  6. I had an amazing day, thanks :) x

  7. I had a great day, thank you :) x

  8. We found love - Boyce Avenue cover
  9. Hey,

    I'm going ok thanks. Just worried about school and so on. So glad it's nearly the school holidays :)

    How have you been?

  10. That really sucks hun =( x

  11. She is... hehe...

    Omg im peeling too! but it was after a day in the sun... thats weird... coz 30 mins is hardly any... =/

  12. it was good... i was like to my mate "i feel sad. i wanna stay at the beach til its dark and meet new oeople" and shes like "find the next bus. we are going to the beach. i may not be a new friend but ill do my best" so we got starbucks, hung out at the beach and perved at hot boys =P hehe. x

  13. Yeaa will do =) x

  14. Sweet as! =)

    Thanks, im doing alright.. Just confused =( x

  15. Hehe yeaa... I really need to tell you some stuff... like yeaa... No problemos hun =) x

  16. I did indeed =D congrats on the boy! =D x

  17. Haha i would, but im not allowed =( but but i have heeeeeeeeaps to tell you when i get txt2000... like lotssss =P x

  18. Awesomes! Yeaa true... i passed my chemistry paper, so happy about that! Haha... I dont have facebook, sorry =(.. ly x

  19. You should txt me and tell me kayyy? =) i did pass, i got like 97 credits all up, failed a few papers but mehhh... lololol... and thank you! im gettin old... hahaha... ily xx

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