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  1. sometimes I run - Brittany Spears:) Classic!!
  2. yes people wont be happy that she is tallking about angelo (again) but hey we get what were given:( and the writers seriously got to sort the storylines out with all the cast not just charlie and ruby
  3. That really bothered me, you'd expect a simple 'Hey' at the very least, not for them to act like they barely knew each other. it is getting ridiculous now!! that has happened like 3 times since the season started!! we dont want changelo we want charlie and ruby scenes!!! and with the liam stuff they better get a good scene or two COME ON!!
  4. most prob angelo wouldnt change shifts!!! i cant belive the story lines they are giving her angelo this....angelo that and if we do get a scene with ruby and charlie its about angelo (i know a bit exterme but come on lol) and now the whole liam and ruby thing which i am hoping will lead to atleast a scene for r and c but last year was so good for them and they are wasting perfectly good oppertunities to grow on it, like a mental break down for ruby for it to finally it her in the face what has happened and have councelling or something!! and if you were a first time viewer you prob wouldnt know they knew eachother let alone be mother and daughter!! and move her back in with charles!! rant over lol
  5. yuck...need charlie and ruby scenes:(
  6. charlie was doing the right thing by giving the ring back because she cant live a 'lie' as it were but i hate grant even more lol poor ross but great update:)
  7. So the looks Ruby was giving Liam give us a hint that that storyline is going to go ahead and I cannot wait for Charlie's reation:):) She is going to be mad as he can't be that much younger than her so.....she well may lose her top.
  8. i know i am getting withdraw symtoms lol:)
  9. really good chapter:) update soon and I can't wait for charlie to find out Ruby knows everything:)
  10. OMG have you heard the rumours of maybe a liam and ruby romance!!! I think personally that Charlie will go nuts if this is true lol and could cause a scene in the diner like "stay away from my daughter" or even a nice sucker punch lol. Very interesting if they are true and he is not that much younger than charlie....woo can not wait lol
  11. omg this is really good:) cant wait to see what happens with Ruby!! Does she say mum and Charlies like what? lol update please:)
  12. yea that is true but i think as she comes to terms with charlie being her mum she will think of using that as as what she calls her but i like it when she calls her charles lol but do you remember when belle started calling amanda mum occurionally (spelling ) i think ruby may do that!!
  13. i know but i am soooooo happy all the same lol:):) i know like they could have turned to charlie's face but i think she knew that ruby was joking that's why she didnt make a big deal out of it but i think she was dancing inside:)
  14. yeah me too lol:) we have to have something that puts charlie or ruby in mortal peril BUT NOT killing either of them off or really causing any SERIOUS damage lol
  15. love it:) we need a good kidnap like lol and the changelo spitting up a good idea he is hot but his annoying personality.....any woo a good kidnap with "mum" at the end of it is AWESOME! LOL
  16. i LOVE the kidnapping idea:) just to see charlie distraught and panicing about her child would be great viewing as ruby/charlie fan and i think it would take something like this for ruby to finally acknowledge the truth because i think she has a little bit but not fully accpeted it!! and chalie said in epi 5929 that she wants to become a dective or take the test as she said and i would like to see the effect tht would have on her character as wouldnt she have to be away ?? but i would like ruby to move back in with Charlie as she has been away long enough lol
  17. i get what you mean as ruby isnt quite sure how to act around charlie in a way as it is a totally new territory, for example, can she talk to her the way she used to about boys or can she give advice to charlie like as she now knows that she is charlies daughter can she do that?? i know it is totally confusing lol:) but where can you see charlies and rubys characters going now?? what i can see happening is ruby getting pregant? anyone agree as then they can look at teen pregancey and with ruby having diabetes etc how that can tie in but then it can also strengthen their relationship as it happened to charlie you get it? but thats where i can see it heading maybe and you get charlie being a young nan like but what do you guys think? and about charlie losing her fire in her belly in a way...i think ruby has it especially before the riots lol as she very passionate like but i think charlie has softened as she is acceptng that she must now act as a mother but i agree i think she needs that fire back:) and i think who ever might get her daughter pregant, if they do go down that root, would be a good place to start lol
  18. just saw the preview for monday's epi and i am soooooo excited:):)
  19. What a brillient epi!!! eastenders is the best soap i think and i think most people would agree!! just awesome!! did not expect stacey at tall!! just an OMG moment!! and poor bradley i was neally crying just awesome:) one of their bes ever epi's!! and can u hate a character even more when they are dead coz i hate archie!! for raping poor roonnie:( i was like OMG!!
  20. i can not wait for tonights epi it is going 2 be awesome:) i reakon......roxy might have done it!!! i dont know other wise like!!! or Albert the dog lol:)
  21. i hate have changelo being stuffed down our throats!!! it is killing charlie's character like as she is independent character and with goo goo eyed Angelo swanning around and i never liked him anyway, it is making it hard to watch like:( and they givbe us that instead of charlie/ruby scenes:( shame on them lol but really apart from leah ruby is charlies only friend when you think about it, so we just need some scenes and it is also as if it never came out she was ruby's mother!!! soooo fustrating!! but looking forward to the scene next week:) and they havent even had charlie or ruby talk about their situation if you look back like how they will move forward with their relationship etc. again fustrating:(
  22. Bye bye Scoot:) i thought you were going to make rubes preggers then lol you tease:) but great chapter:) loved it:)
  23. and charlie is her mother like so she really dosnt need to live with her and from what we know she is not paying rent or anything!! this is very annoying i am hoping they get some scenes over the next few weeks or i will scream!!!
  24. yay a charlie and ruby scene:) and loved it:) get rid of scott lol really good fic update:)
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