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  1. And guilty of about a million other crimes he never got in trouble for, so I wouldn't feel to sorry for him. I actually think getting Kirsty away from her worthless, irredeemable loser of a husband was a godsend and should have happened about 6 years before it did (she never should have got back with him after he left her the first time. Their storyline was over then and reviving it just made no sense and ruined both their characters). Kirsty and Miles weren't the greatest couple ever (I'd have rather seen her with Roman), and they weren't nearly as good as original KK (which only lasted ab
  2. Some people have been making comments about Leah being "mini Colleen" for about 7-8 years now. I think the process of turning her into Colleen is now officially complete. Ada deserves much better than this.
  3. Man, I'd totally forgotten that Xavier was introduced to the show as a drug dealer. I agree with you. He used to be an awful character, but he's one of the best for a while and, for whatever reason, other characters just seem to be more likeable when they're with him. Good luck to Dave in the future.
  4. I think the problem Home and Away runs into with stories like this is that they continually try and have it both ways. It seems like they want to write Brax as a jerk because having a guy in the main cast who acts like a jerk to other characters creates drama, but at the same time they want us to like him enough so that we'll ship his relationship with Charlie and cheer on as her character is completely assassinated into becoming nothing more than his doormat. All they end up doing is perpetuating the myth (sorry girls, it is a myth) of the utter jerk boyfriend who treats his girl like a que
  5. I think Palmer and Alf could co exist with each other, even though they tend to duplicate each other a bit right now. With a bit of minor tweaking, they could easily turn into H&A's version of Harold Bishop and Lou Carpenter. I certainly wouldn't be asking Palmer for parenting advice, but I find it stupid how some people in these forums are so hard on him when they've been so eager to forgive guys like Aden and Kane , who were far less remorseful about being far bigger jerks for far longer periods of time. Maybe John should tell people he was abused as a child.
  6. I agree with you. I've said before that Palmer reminds me of the old Alf (which I guess is the young Alf). I loved Alf when he used to act all high and mighty and seemed to think that running the only general store in town gave him the right to act as the King of his own tiny little empire and boss everyone around. Palmer reminds me of that guy. Even at his absolute worst, I never saw him as "OMG what a terrible guy" but more of a weasel who enjoyed throwing his weight around. Not to mention that Alf was a pretty terrible parent to Duncan in a very similar way to Palmer was with Trey and
  7. I love the Wire and The Shield, but those were far more compelling and better done and as much as I liked the characters, I was always hoping that they'd be caught up with, and they usually were. And with everything they did, you were never really made to forget that these people were bad, but the problem with HAA, is they not only get away with it, it's usually forgotten about and they're suddenly Mr Nice People who have never done a thing wrong; Angelo's past misdeeds have only just been mentioned recently. I do agree that H&A has a tendency to just try and get people to "forget"
  8. Exactly! I liked him at the start, I thought he was a good guy just involved with a bad crowd, but he is a criminal pure and simple! He doesn't have any regard for anyone (when it suits him) , he lies and lies and lies and LIES to Charlie and I just want to shout at the TV and tell her to get away from him because he has fooled her big time. Stupid Charlie always ends up trusting him in the end and the cycle just continues and continues! He sold out Brody and also Keith, just to dig himself out of trouble. I am even liking Heath more than Brax now because at least Heath isn't as calculating
  9. I don't know when this thread became about Robbie, but I'll join in the bashing. I actually liked him for his first year or so...until the stepped on a needle storyline. Then he really did become a pathetic wimp who spent all his time shouting. Somewhere along the line he turned from Robbie Hunter, likeable nerd, into Jason Smith, jackass. Sort of like how Geoff basically became Lincoln Lewis during his last few months on the show. As for Dex, I don't know. There's a fine line between "endearingly pathetic" and "creepy and stalkerish". He was the former with Adrian and Graves and I li
  10. One of the funniest / most ridiculous scenes in Home and Away last year was when Xavier walked into the beach house and made a big deal about "catching" Geoff with his shirt off around Ruby. I mean, did Geoff ever have a top on?
  11. I've said this in another thread, but I don't think it's the pacing of the storyline that's a problem but the acting and writing. They seem to be going for an Angie / Nick thing with Penn manipulating Nicole who is totally under his spell, but it's just not coming off. Angie was so well written and acted that it seemed completely believable she could manipulate a schoolboy, wrap him around her finger and mess with his mind. Penn just doesn't come across like that at all, and so the storyline seems really dull and Nicole seems like a superficial, gullible idiot and not the "manipulated abuse
  12. To ask a possibly stupid question, where can I find the scene counts?
  13. I think Kane and Kirsty worked, not just because of the Mirgini / saving Shelley's life storyline but because of the person Kirsty was. Kirsty was the kind of person who was sweet, kind hearted, well meaning, understanding and sympathetic enough to those from bad backrounds to believably forgive Kane for what he did, especially after he saved her mum's life. She was also the kind of person who was selfish, rebellious, stubborn, naive, immature and ignorant enough of the consequences of her actions to actually take it further than just forgiving him and pursue an inappropriate relationship wi
  14. I wouldn't say that Kirsty brought him down, per se. It's more that Miles works best as an eccentric character, and characters like that tend to lose their eccentricity when they enter a relationship with anyone. So writers, please keep Miles single. Either that or bring in a somewhat eccentric female character to pair up with him, like how they brought in Leah to pair up with Vinnie or Robbie to pair up with Tasha (Marilyn and Miles anyone? How old is Maz anyway?). I do think the writing of the Kirsty and Miles relationship was quite bad, and that's coming from someone who loves
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