Second update means those with two points!

  • 124. Adam Cameron (2 points)

    Played by Mat Stevenson

    Adam dropped out of the poll last time round but is back with, well, a little bit of a vengeance. The rather long-serving lovable rogue character from the early years, Adam’s exploits included selling encyclopedias, setting up a cleaning business and accidentally killing a fan favourite in a boating accident.

  • 124= Annie Campbell (2 points)

    Played by Charlotte Best

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen Annie in the polls, so maybe she’s another one benefitting from the extra votes. Unlike older brother Geoff, Annie actually managed to stick to the Christian principles she came in with while still being an affectionate and likable character.

  • 124= Beth Ellis (2 points)

    Played by Anneliese Apps

    Mason’s short-lived girlfriend, in every sense, from last year managed to fit an awful lot of life into her period on the show and even got the honour of coming back as a quirky ghost to deliver cryptic advice.

  • 124= Carly Morris (2 points)

    Played by Sharyn Hodgson

    One of the original foster children, Carly outlasted quite a few of her contemporaries and survived an awful lot of trauma to get a mostly happy ending, if you ignore the fact she’d married a berk. Went on to make several return appearances for Sally and Steven’s weddings across the next seventeen years or so.

  • 124= Charlotte King (2 points)

    Played by Erika Heynatz

    A bit of a dip from her double figures last time round but Charlotte remains well-remembered, even if the reveal that Hunter wasn’t Zac’s son increased the suspicion that someone was just cutting and pasting the Angie Russell storyline with a few names changed. Last seen floating in a rock pool after getting shot.

  • 124= Colby Thorne (2 points)

    Played by Tim Franklin

    One of the few new characters introduced this year, Colby is our new resident police officer. Whereas most regular cops start out by-the-book and then become very dodgy, Colby is a former criminal gang member who’s trying to be less dodgy. So at least he’s heading in the right direction.

  • 124= Damian Roberts (2 points)

    Played by Matt Doran

    Damian’s holding steady on two points, perhaps benefitting from both his stint being repeated on 7TWO and Irene actually remembering to mention her youngest a couple of times in recent years. The best friend of Shane and Angel left town to become a Catholic priest, thus limiting the possibilities for hitherto-unmentioned grandchildren of Irene turning up.

  • 124= Drew Curtis (2 points)

    Played by Bobby Morley

    Last time round it was looking like the mid-00s teen group had had their day, with most of them absent, but now we have a comeback for Drew, last seen in the poll back in 2008. Drew was the wild one of the group, managing to drop out of school twice and mess up an apprenticeship. He’s also technically Leah’s nephew, so should probably be mentioned more often than never.

  • 124= Hannah Wilson (2 points)

    Played by Cassie Howarth

    Hannah couldn’t quite decide if she was a caring nurse looking after teenage relatives or a good-time girl house sharing with her mates and dating bad boys. She eventually managed to find a middle path by dating Chris and was finally starting to become likable again when she got killed off. Maybe she should have just left Evie in that cult…

  • 124= Jade Montgomery (2 points)

    Played by Tasma Walton

    Seems this is the update for female psycho teachers. The infamous Miss Montgomery wanted a better teaching post than Mangrove River, so attempted to get the Summer Bay High principal’s job by burning down her old school and blowing up Bianca. It didn’t go so well for her. She also managed to expell at least three regulars characters before we met them.

  • 124= Josie Russell (2 points)

    Played by Laurie Foell

    Not a female psycho teacher, she just looked like one. Josie’s been overshadowed by her evil identical cousin for a bit but has made it back into the lower reaches of a poll at last. She had a dodgy past that never really went anywhere and an on/off thing with Jesse, before getting on Irene’s bad side and being forced to accept the town wasn’t big enough for both of them.

  • 124= Neville McPhee (2 points)

    Played by Frank Lloyd

    How long has it been since Neville was last in a poll? Another of the original characters, Neville lived at the caravan park with his wife Floss and…that was about it really. He was one of those characters who managed to be around for over a year without really doing much of anything. But the Fletchers liked him.

  • 124= Oscar MacGuire (2 points)

    Played by Jake Speer

    How quickly we forget: Oscar was in the Top 30 last time round but is now back down to two points, the biggest fall of any character in both polls. Oscar didn’t seem too popular with those making the show either: He worked hard to earn the love of the girl of his dreams, only for her to abruptly go off him for no reason , then he got blown up a few months later.

  • 124= Rocco Cooper (2 points)

    Played by Ian Meadows

    Before there was the River Boys, there was Rocco, a decent kid who lucked out in the big brother department, being expected to join a criminal gang, do robberies and stab people. And there wasn’t even a happy ending for him at the end of it, as his brother had him murdered.

  • 124= Romeo Smith (2 points)

    Played by Luke Mitchell

    Romeo gets twice as many points as he used to get back when he was a regular, but only a third as many as he got last time. Romeo spent his first few months in search of a personality and never quite found one, instead settling into a rather unstable teen marriage with Indi before running off with Liam. Or something.

  • 124= Sophie Taylor (2 points)

    Played by Bridgette Sneddon

    A, um, sympathetic female psycho teacher? Sophie was married to Nate, which was enough to send anyone crazy, and accidentally caused a season-ending bus crash in which no-one who had a name died. You can tell she was sympathetic because she got to turn herself in rather than get dragged away shouting “And I’d have succeeded without you meddling surfer dudes!

  • 124= Tony Holden (2 points)

    Played by Jon Sivewright

    Tony’s dropped a point from last time but is still managing to scrape into the lower ranks of the poll. The Holden patriarch had quite a few people die on him when you stop to think about it, but managed to hold in there long enough to have a quite popular marriage with Rachel and a sunset ending.

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