Home and Away Departure Features

We’ve said goodbye to plenty of Home and Away characters over the years. Read our departure features for some of the show’s biggest names.

Au Revoir Ollie
A feature to mark the departure of the young Ollie Phillips, who captured a legion of fans.
Goodbye Belle
One half of one of the most popular couples in recent years, we take a detailed look back at Belle Taylor's time in the bay.
Roman Departure Feature
With Roman Harris' recent departure from the show, we take a look back at his time in the bay.
Jack Departure Feature
We say goodbye to Jack Holden.
Ric and Matilda's Departure
A selection of features to remember Ric and Matilda's time in the bay.
Sam Holden Departure's
We say goodbye to Sam.
Sally Fletcher Departure
She was with the show since the very beginning, but after 20 years, Kate Ritchie finally stepped down from her role as Sally Fletcher. We take a look back at a fantastic 20 years with an in-depth mini site....
Goodbye Cassie
As Cassie drives off into the sunset (illegally) we take a look back at her time in Summer Bay.
Drew Curtis's Departure
As Drew Curtis leaves Home and Away we take a look back at his time in the Bay.
Lucas's Departure
A selection of features marking Lucas Holden's departure from the bay.
Dan's Departure
We say farewell to Dan Baker.
Brad's Departure
After just 18 months in the Bay, we farewell Brad Armstrong.
Kim's Departure
With Kim Hyde saying farewell to Summer Bay, we have created a series of features to review his time in the bay.
Peter and Amanda's Departure
To commemorate Peter and Amanda (collectively known as Panda)'s departure from the show, we've put together a range of special features.
Beth Hunter Tribute
To mark Beth's tragic exit from Summer Bay, we compiled a number of special features.
Flynn's Death
Flynn sadly died of cancer in 2006, we ran a number of features to commemorate this event.
Laurie Foell
As she left our screens for the second time, we ran a number of features about Laurie Foell, the actress behind Angie and Josie Russell.
Kirsty and Kane's Story
In 2005, one of Home and Away's most popular couples left the show. Read about their life in the bay amongst other features.