Roman Departure Feature

When Roman arrived in the Bay, he was billed as a character with a 'past' but little did we know at the time quite how many secrets this 'man of mystery' had. He may have been in the Bay a relatively short time, but Roman certainly made his mark. He's been many things to many people, a partner, friend, confidant, father figure and hero. Here we take a closer look at Roman, a character who seemingly had it all....

Roman Harris Character Profile
A detailed summary of Roman's time in Summer Bay

We take an indepth look into the different aspects of Roman's character and rate how good he really was in each situation.

The Action Man

The Close Friend &
The Perfect Partner

The Kitchen God
The Ideal Father Figure

The Man of Mystery

The End of the Lie
We take a closer look at the storyline which led to Roman leaving the bay.

Your Thoughts on Roman
A collection of forum member comments about Roman and his departure.

Roman Video
Roman's best moments.
(right click and 'Save Link/Target As' to download)
32 mins, 75MB