Goodbye Belle

Belle Taylor's journey from a wild street kid seeking her real mum and some sort of acceptance to a caring life partner was beautifully played by Jessica Tovey. Along the way she had every kind of drama thrown at her, and evolved into half of one of the most loved H&A couples of all time. Her eventual death caused devastation for the army of loyal fans she had gained over her three years on the show. Here we take a look back at Belle's journey.

Belle Profile
A complete update to Belle's profile, from her first appearance to her death

Rocky Road to Love - Part 1
A detailed look at Belle's relationships over the three years. Part 1 covers her first relationship wirh Ric up to her time with Angelo.
Rocky Road to Love - Part 2
The continuation of our look at Belle's relationships covers Belle's confusion over her feelings for Angelo, up to her finally discovering and marrying the love of her life.
Digging up the Truth
The story of Belle's crusade to uncover the truth about the development site.
Dom's Obsession
We take a look at one of the more sinister Belle storyarcs, the unrequited obsession for her by bully Dom Moran.
Irene's Album
Irene was kind enough to lend us her photo album covering Belle's life in the bay.
Belle Locations
View the real-life filming locations of some of the significant places along Belle's journey.
Your Thoughts
Forum members, and Seven's Script Executive Bevan Lee, give us their views on Belle's time in Summer Bay. Also includes the results to our forum polls on Belle's character.
Member Artwork
Belle artwork submitted by members of our forum.
Belle's Journey - A video of Belle's defining moments (65 mins)
Part One (89MB) | Part Two (95MB)
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Megaupload mirrors: Part One | Part Two
Cancer Cluster
We take a look back at some of the cancer storylines that have aired over the past 21 years.

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