Jack Departure Feature


Arriving over 750 episodes and just over 3 years ago, a young, fresh-faced police officer came into our lives. That's where the fairytale ends. Not only did he arrive, being chased from town to town by a father whose daughter he had shot, he found the girl of his dreams, lost her, got back with her again, split up again etc. He's been shot, beaten, exploded, deceived and just about everything else, until recently he took one bullet too many. Here we look back at Jack Holden, a character who split the audience.

Jack Holden Character Profile
A detailed summary of Jack's time in Summer Bay.

The Road Towards the End
A detailed look at the storyline towards Jack's fatal shooting.

Holden Charm
Now it's just Tony left, we look at The Holden's time in Summer Bay.

Jack's Police Files 
A look at Constable Holden's defining moments

Police, Camera, Action 
A look at the past policemen and women on Home and Away.

The Jack & Martha Rollercoaster 
A look at the key events in Jack and Martha's turbulent relationship.  

Opinions of Jack 
What our forum members thought of Jack Holden

Jack Video
Jack's Top 10 Moments (Right Click and Save As to Download)

Jack Artwork
A selection of Jack avatars