Chloe Anderson leaves Home and Away as final scenes air

Tonight’s Australian episode of Home and Away saw what is believed to be Chloe Anderson’s final appearance, as she said goodbye to Summer Bay to be with her mum in New Zealand.

It brings to an end just under a year and a half of the character, who first appeared in Episode 7483, the eighth episode of the 2021 season.

We reported on rumours of Chloe’s departure in our May spoiler roundup, after fans noticed that actress Sam Barrett hadn’t been seen filming at Palm Beach since March. Tonight’s episode saw Chloe leave Summer Bay for New Zealand, after Tane (Ethan Browne) sent her away for her own safety.

Chloe (Sam Barrett) arrived in Summer Bay back in the opening week of 2021, having bumped into childhood friend Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) when they were both travelling in New Zealand.

Chloe had grown up within the Parata whānau, with her mother Mia (Anna Samson) having been in a relationship with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).

Ari was the only father figure that Chloe had ever known, and she was devastated when, at 9 years old, Mia suddenly moved them away claiming that Ari wanted nothing more to do with them.

What Chloe didn’t know at the time was that Ari had in fact been imprisoned for armed robbery, something she didn’t learn until her chance encounter with Nik over a decade later.

Unfortunately, it was that same armed robbery which has led to her departure from the bay. Over a decade later, the men Ari stole the money from have tracked his family down to Summer Bay, and while Ari has since passed away, they still want their money back.

Tex (Lucas Lineham) first arrived in Summer Bay as Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) handyman, but it was soon revealed that he’d been sent into the beachside town by the gang of bikies who were trying to track Ari down.

With Ari out of the picture, they turned to Tane and told him they expected the money back, with interest.

Tane initially planned to sell Summer Bay Fit to raise the funds to pay them back, and hoped that would be the end of it. However, Tex informed him that there’d been a change of plan – they wanted Tane to use the gym to launder money for them instead.

When Tane asked Tex what would happen if he didn’t go along with their laundering plan, Tex warned him that he’d be threatening Chloe’s safety. When a group of bikies later descended upon their Saxon Avenue house, Tane realised that they weren’t messing around.

In an effort to keep Chloe safe, Tane and Nik secretly moved her to a motel room, where Tane explained that she needed go to New Zealand and stay with Mia, who left back in April, and Nik’s mum Gemma (Bree Peters). He assured her that the Paratas had people in New Zealand, so the bikies would never get to her there.

Having recently struck up a relationship with Theo (Matt Evans), Chloe wasn’t best pleased to be leaving the bay behind, especially as she couldn’t even break the news to Theo that she was leaving, but she eventually understood that it was the right thing to do for her own safety.

When one of the Parata cousins arrived to escort Chloe to the airport the next day, she said an emotional farewell to Tane and Nik in her motel room, before quietly slipping out of Summer Bay.

Ethan Browne took to Instagram shortly after Chloe’s final episode aired, posting a picture of himself alongside Sam Barrett and Kawakawa Fox-Reo, with the caption “And like that, we say ka kite and farewell to the niece.”

@atlas143 Ethan Browne, Instagram

Matt Evans, who played Chloe’s on-screen boyfriend Theo, also posted a touching tribute to Instagram, with a number of backstage photos of Sam Barrett’s time on Home and Away:

He wrote: “bye for now sammy ? missing your quirkiness and good heart at the bay. was such a pleasure to work with you ?”

As Chloe says goodbye, we take a look back at her eventful year and a half in Summer Bay…

After an emotional reunion with Ari in the first week of 2021, he allowed her to stay on the condition that she inform Mia, who promptly travelled to Summer Bay herself to collect Chloe.

Chloe refused to go with Mia, not willing to forgive her for lying about Ari, but after sorting out their differences the two decided to stay in Summer Bay together.

Chloe had already clashed with Salt’s barman Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich), after he refused to serve her without ID at Salt, but their rivalry grew when Chloe impressed Mackenzie (Emily Weir) with her own cocktail skills and scored herself a job alongside him.

An increasing amount of time spent with Nik also caused tension between Chloe and Nik’s girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller), but she eventually accepted that the couple would need their own space, and instead turned her attention to Ryder.

The two faced off in another cocktail challenge with Marilyn (Emily Symons), which backfired when a tipsy Marilyn later fell over and hit her head. As Ryder blamed Chloe for the mishap, she committed another faux-pas by presenting vegetarian Maz with a meat platter by way of an apology.

Chloe and Ryder’s constant squabbling was frustrating to Nik and Bella as the four spent time together, and whilst they resisted attempts by Nik and Bella to be friends with one another, Ryder suggested that they fake getting along in front of them.

Heading for a night out with Nik and Bella, Chloe and Ryder witnessed the pair being bundled into a van, before they too were kidnapped. They were kept captive in a shipping container overnight by men who turned out to be enemies of the Parata brothers.

Chloe saw a different side to Ryder during the ordeal, and the two ended up seeing each other in secret, before Nik discovered them kissing.

In the meantime, Chloe had been attempting to matchmake between Mia and Ari, despite him being in a relationship with Mac at the time. Mia initially wanted nothing to do with Ari, even after he broke up with Mac after realising he was still in love with Mia, with the kidnapping only showing that he was still involved with criminal activity. But Mia realised where her heart lied when Ari ended up in a coma, and Tane convinced her to give him another chance, much to Chloe’s delight.

Ryder insisted on asking Ari’s permission to date Chloe, and figured it would be a nice gesture to do so in Māori, enlisting Nik to help him prepare a speech. Chloe wasn’t amused when Ryder fell foul of Nik’s prank, where he unknowingly told Ari how bad a person he was.

Bella and Nik soon found themselves struggling to find time alone once again, and when the two left on a romantic getaway, Ryder and Chloe followed them to gatecrash as revenge for Nik’s prank on Ryder.

Hurt from her break-up from Ari, Mac tasked Ryder with sacking Chloe, who served as a constant reminder. With Ryder unable to do it, Mac was forced to dismiss Chloe herself, and was surprised when Ryder then quit himself out of protest.

Putting their combined skills to good use, Chloe and Ryder decided to start up a Mexican food truck. They hit a barrier when they realised the costs involved, but friends and family pulled together to help—Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) managed to source them a truck, and Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker) and Marilyn lent them the money to get up and running after they were turned down for a business loan.

The pair initially set up in the caravan park, before gaining the permits to set up on the grass directly next to Salt, much to the annoyance of Mac.

The rivals attempted to outdo each other, before Chloe took things too far by claiming she’d seen a rat in Salt, forcing Mac to close down for an inspection.

Chloe was concerned to learn that Mia was pregnant, knowing how much heartache previous miscarriages had brought Mia and Ari—as well as the death of their baby son, and Chloe’s half-brother, Kauri at 10 days old—but supported them when she saw how happy the news had made them. She was devastated when only a few weeks later, Mia lost the baby in a car accident.

Chloe and Ryder’s business went up in smoke, literally, when a faulty gas connector caused the van to explode. Chloe was nearby and was impaled through the abdomen by a piece of metal, but soon recovered following surgery.

Whilst they had organised third party insurance, Ryder admitted that he’d yet to sort out insurance for the van itself, leaving them in debt to Alf, Roo and Marilyn.

Back on good terms with Mac, Ryder resumed work at Salt whilst Chloe took a job at the diner. Realising that they needed more income, the two decided to start up a food delivery service. Chloe told Ryder that they could use the diner kitchen after hours to prepare the food, but later admitted that she hadn’t actually sought Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) permission.

They were eventually caught red-handed by Leah and Justin (James Stewart), and after a tense talk with Irene and Leah, it was agreed that they could use the kitchen for a share of the profits.

Ryder’s working two jobs, as well as TAFE and helping out at the board shop in Dean’s absence, began to take its toll. Chloe was frustrated when, after he’d not slept in two days, Ryder slept through his alarm as she waited to start deliveries.

Chloe found a new friend, and knight in shining armour, in Theo (Matt Evans) who assisted her in getting the orders out on time.

Ryder was somewhat put out by the new kid on the block, and things only got worse when Chloe organised a surprise 21st birthday party for Ryder and asked Theo to make sure Ryder got there. Unaware of his previous experience of being kidnapped, Theo put a hood over Ryder’s head and bundled him in the boot of his car.

Chloe witnessed Ryder yelling at Theo once they’d arrived at the club, but failed to realise exactly why Ryder had found it traumatic. As Ryder drowned his sorrows, Chloe instead opted to spend the evening with Theo, with a drunken Ryder later picked up by Tane as security prepared to throw him out.

After learning Chloe had spent the rest of the night with Theo, Ryder demanded to know at his family birthday gathering whether Chloe had slept with him. Although she hadn’t, the two realised that their relationship wasn’t working, and split up.

Chloe and Ryder found it difficult to carry on working together, and ended up neglecting customer orders during the aftermath of the chemical attack at Salt.

When a banking mistake saw Ryder wipe out the rest his and Chloe’s their business funds, he reluctantly joined up with Theo in partaking in online video challenges, after a video taken of Ryder screaming at Theo during his ‘kidnap’ went viral.


Chloe filmed and oversaw the first challenges, and shared an unexpected kiss with Theo whilst Ryder was occupied in the bathroom following a chilli-eating contest.

Chloe was shocked to the core when a stranger, Matthew (James Sweeny), turned up in Summer Bay claiming to be her father, but after getting confirmation from Mia that it was true, she ignored Mia’s advice to stay away and decided to hear him out.

Chloe continued to meet with Matthew, and when he heard how strained things were between her and Ryder after Chloe had cancelled a number of orders, he gave Chloe the money to cover her share of the debt and buy Ryder out of the business. Ryder reluctantly signed the paperwork, but refused to take the money for his half of the business.

After Chloe announced that she was going to the city to live with Matthew, after signing up to a business school, Mia was finally forced to tell her the truth about her father—Chloe’s conception was the result of Matthew sexually assaulting Mia when she was drunk at a party. Whilst his parents had gave her money to get an abortion, Mia left town, unable to go through with it.

Chloe was disgusted that she had fallen for Matthew’s charms, and immediately cut off all contact. Chloe was delighted when Ari asked her permission to propose to Mia, and the two were engaged in an intimate gathering in the back garden.

However Matthew then returned to the bay, and during a confrontation with Mia outside the Parata house, Chloe panicked and hit Matthew over the head with a brick, accidentally killing him.

It was a downward spiral for Chloe from that point, as Mia was caught by police speeding in Matthew’s car as she tried to get rid of his body. In the end it was Ari who took the fall for Chloe, and he was placed on remand awaiting sentencing.

It was only a few short weeks later that Ari was rushed to hospital, where the family learned that he was dying from an aggressive form of cancer. Determined that Ari should die with no regrets, Mia arranged for them to get married in the hospital, with Chloe acting as bridesmaid.


Ari collapsed just after the ceremony, and died a few hours later.

Following the funeral, Mia asked if Bella could look out for Chloe, who was the only person outside the family who had learned the truth about Matthew’s death. As Chloe couldn’t face seeing Mia grieve, she spent more and more time with Bella, to the point where her behaviour was becoming obsessive.

Chloe manipulated both Bella and Nik for weeks as she continued to hang off her new best friend, faking breakdowns in order to guilt trip Bella into showing her attention. As Nik began to see through her, Chloe suggested to the family that it was Nik who was struggling in the wake of Ari’s death, thus taking the focus off her.

Chloe resented the times where Nik was spending time with Bella himself, and went as far as stealing his late father’s taiaha to teach him a lesson.

When Bella and Nik grew wise to her antics, Bella asked her to leave the farmhouse, and Chloe ran into Theo as he was driving out of town.

Chloe bonded with Theo as they took some time out from the bay, and the two ended up returning home and sleeping together.

Seeing an opportunity to play the sympathy card, Chloe later claimed to Nik that she’d only slept with Theo because she was hurt by his and Bella’s actions. Theo was crushed when Chloe then put up a pretence that the whole thing had been a mistake, whilst Chloe was back where she wanted with Bella.

Chloe was furious to learn that Mia was planning for them both to leave Summer Bay, feeling it was too painful to stay, and refused to go with her. Whilst Mia agreed to stay put, it was plain to see that Mia was only doing so for Chloe’s benefit, and it only caused further strain on their relationship.

Feeling suffocated by Mia’s presence, whilst also feeling guilty about asking her to back off, Chloe eventually admitted to a devastated Mia that she couldn’t be around her anymore.

When Mia later announced that she was leaving town after all, Chloe and Tane organised for Mia to travel to New Zealand, in the hope that spending time with Ari’s family would bring Mia some closure.

As Chloe looked forward to a new chapter in her life, Nik was soon to find out the full nature of Chloe’s deceit, when he knocked her journal off a table and a photo of Bella fell out. Intrigued, Nik read it and was in tears as he told Bella that they’d been played for months.


Although he tried to put a brave face on, things blew up at Ryder’s farewell party, and Nik confronted her in front of everyone. Chloe ran out, but was followed by Theo who took a sympathetic approach, despite having been ignoring Chloe himself following her games.

The friendships have gradually been restored over the past weeks, and Chloe and Theo grew closer.

Theo cheered up Chloe by serenading her during an intimate beachside picnic, and after a few stumbling blocks, where Leah was concerned about Chloe’s intentions, the two finally became an item only seven weeks ago.

History began to repeat itself as Chloe chose to spend more and more time at Theo’s place rather than go home, and Justin and Leah eventually pointed out that they needed some space.

With Chloe at a loose end, Tane suggested that she could help out with doing the accounts at the gym, and Leah was happy to give her a crash course in doing the books.

But after realising that the gym had been paid for upfront, Chloe realised that there was no way Ari and Mia would have been able to afford it. Tane was eventually forced to admit that the money had come from the proceeds of the armed robbery Ari had committed over a decade ago.

Mia had secretly kept the money in storage, and when it came to wanting to try for adoption, she realised that owning the business could count in their favour. Although Ari was against it at first, they had the money laundered in order to secure the purchase.

Little did they realise that only weeks later, the people who Ari had robbed would arrive on the scene and change her life forever…

Chloe’s final episode aired in Australia on Thursday 21st July, and will air in the UK on Wednesday 31st August.

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