Home and Away airs dramatic Mid-Season Final promo

Home and Away has aired a new promo in advance of its Mid-Season Final Week, which will see an attempted proposal, a showdown with the bikie gang, and Theo embracing his new life as Lyrik’s lead singer.

Home and Away is to take a mid-season break in Australia, as broadcaster Seven’s coverage of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will dominate much of its evening schedule for the duration of the games, which run from Thursday 28th July until Monday 8th August.

The show’s final episode will air Thursday 28th July and will return after the conclusion of the games.

The promo, currently airing on Seven in Australia, sees the culmination of a number of storylines which have been building over the past few weeks.

Bikie gang showdown

Aussie viewers have recently seen Tane (Ethan Browne) and the Paratas grappling with a bikie gang.

Over a decade after Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) was sent down for armed robbery, the men Ari stole the money from have tracked his family down to Summer Bay. While Ari has since passed away, they still want their money back.

Tex (Lucas Lineham) first arrived in Summer Bay as Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) handyman, but it was soon revealed that he’d been sent into the beachside town by the gang of bikies who were trying to track Ari down.

With Ari out of the picture, they turned to Tane and told him they expected the money back, with interest. Tane initially planned to sell the gym to get the guys off their back, but they then came to him with a counter-offer – they wanted Tane to use the gym to launder money for them!

Tane sent Chloe to New Zealand for her safety, resulting in her exit from the show, leaving Tane, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) to deal with the bikies.

While the promo is peppered with scenes which have already aired in Australia, such as the bikies descending on the Paratas’ street, and Tane being transported the gang’s hideout with a bag over his head, it features plenty of new shots teasing the dramatic week ahead.

The latest Australian episodes have seen Rose (Kirsty Marillier) begin to wonder whether Tex is who he says he is. The two are dating, but Rose began to suspect something when Tex lied to her about having to carry out some urgent work for Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo (Georgie Parker).

She had noticed some tension between Tane and Tex, so turned up at the Parata house to ask Tane if there was anything she should know. Even though he kept the details light, Tane told Rose that Tex wasn’t who she thought he was – and, Rose being Rose, she couldn’t help but investigate further.

Next week, she discovers the truth, and sets about trying to help Tane bring down the gang.

The promo sees the two talking in Summer Bay Fit, and it’s clear that Rose knows the whole picture as she tells Tane “I need to know how far you’re willing to go to end this.”

Rose has clearly come up with a plan, and she needs Tane to work with her to bring Tex and the gang down.

“We only have one chance,” Rose explains. “If we don’t play this smart, it’ll all have been for nothing.”

Of course, Tex believes that dating a cop is the best way to avoid trouble with the police. He has no reason to suspect that Rose is onto him, and the promo suggests that they’re still together as Constable Delaney puts her plan in action.

“It’s kinda fun sneaking around though, isn’t it?” says Tex.

“A little,” replies Rose.

“You’re trouble, Constable,” he quips.

However, while Rose is keeping up appearances, she knows the truth and can’t wait to get back at him for manipulating her.

“I wanna wipe that smug look right of Tex’s face,” she says to an off-screen character, from what appears to be the back of a van.

“He’s dangerous.”

Explaining things to Tane, Rose details the list of things the police now know about Tex. “I’m talking kidnapping, firearms, attempted murder. And that’s just what we know of.”

Rose tells Tane that she can’t guarantee Tane’s safety if he goes ahead with her plan, but he retorts that he’ll do “whatever it takes.”

“I’ve got a feeling this is going to work out for all of us,” Tex says to Tane. But is Tex’s plan about to come crashing down?

We assume he has no idea that Tane has conspired with the police, and, as the promo tells us, one wrong move and all hell could break loose!

The promo ends with Tex and gang leader Marty (Ben Wood) coming out of their warehouse, and another of their gang members has a surprise for them.

Tane has once again been dragged down to their HQ, and this time he’s being held by the neck of his t-shirt.

Will Tane and Rose’s plan work, or will things backfire for the Paratas as the show takes its mid-season break?

Cash plans to propose to Jasmine

Another huge surprise in the promo is that Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is readying himself to propose to girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost).

Jaz left Summer Bay back in early June to help Ian, the father of her late husband Robbo, after Robbo’s mum Wendy suffered a heart attack. These were believed to be Jasmine’s final scenes, after Sam Frost made the decision to leave the show last year.

In the on-screen world, Jasmine’s departure was always described as temporary, and Cash has been patiently awaiting her return to Summer Bay.

He’s had an eventful few weeks, dealing with the fact that he spent a drunken night in the car of Jasmine’s step-sister, Rose (Kirsty Marillie), and the drama that ensued.

In the latest episodes, Rose’s half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os), who has been struggling with issues of his own, revealed to both Cash and Irene (Lynne McGranger) that Rose was in love with Cash.

Now, as the promo shows, Cash is set to make a bold move to get things back on track and cement his commitment to Jasmine.

Suiting up in the living room of the Beach House, and poised with a diamond ring, Cash waits for Jasmine to finally come home.

He’s already told Xander of his plans, as the promo shows Xander beaming after Cash tells him that “we will be a family, and I am gonna need a best man.”

However, it seems Cash may not get his happily ever after. Shots later in the promo see roses and champagne on Irene’s table, but Cash sits alone in the bedroom as he snaps the ring box closed.

Is he about to be stood up?

Another separate promo for next Monday’s episode has given further details on Cash’s bad news. 

“Jasmine’s on her way home, and when she gets here, I’m going to ask her to marry me,” Cash tells Xander. “I’m gonna make everything right.”

Yet she doesn’t show, and when he calls her, he gets her voicemail. “Just checking that you’re okay, I thought that you’d be home by now.”

He begins to panic, and when he later meets with Felicity, he explains that Jasmine hasn’t shown up.

“So you think someone’s told her about the Rose thing?” is Felicity’s first question.

Cash can’t be sure, but doesn’t know of anything else that would keep her from coming back to Summer Bay. “If it’s not that, then what’s happened?”

Is Cash about to get his heart broken?

Theo struggles with his new dream

Theo (Matt Evans) has recently become Lyrik’s lead singer, after their previous singer Bob (Rob Mallet) left over a disagreement about the band’s future direction.

Yet while the gig is the job of a lifetime for Theo, he clearly struggles to settle into band life. The promo sees him looking nervous on stage as he and Lyrik perform at Salt.

It looks like his nerves catch the attention of the other band members. As he and Kirby (Angelina Thomson), the band’s keyboard player and songwriter, sit on the beach, he assures her, “I want this.”

Yet she has a warning for him, as she tells him that “following your dreams takes sacrifice.”

Thankfully, it looks like her pep talk works. Later in the promo, we see Theo settling into the role of the band’s lead singer, as he performs for the crowd with a huge smile on his face.

As Justin, Leah and the other Summer Bay residents dance along, Theo’s new career is off to a flying start.

While the week may bring happiness for Theo, the same can’t be said for Cash and Tane.

How will things be left as Home and Away takes its mid-season break? Aussie viewers will find out next week, while UK viewers will see these scenes from Monday 5th September.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away Mid-Season Final Week in Australia:

Monday 25th July (Episode 7845)

John can’t stand his noisy neighbours. Cash has big plans for Jasmine’s return. Xander seeks help.

Tuesday 26th July (Episode 7846)

Lyrik put down roots in Summer Bay. Cash fears the worst. Ziggy’s apprenticeship plans get upstaged.

Wednesday 27th July (Episode 7847)

Has Theo signed up for life on tour? Cash struggles to accept his new reality. Roo’s first taste of freedom is unexpected.

Thursday 28th July (Episodes 7848-7850)

Roo’s freedom feels like torture. Kirby and Theo channel heartbreak into music. Xander suffers in silence. Cash needs answers from Jasmine.

Can a cop and a criminal find love? Xander hides his pain. The bikies send Tane a new employee.

Dean defends Bella’s honour. Tane puts himself on the line. Rose plays a dangerous game with Tex.