Au Revoir Ollie
This is the story of young Oliver 'Ollie' Phillips - son of Kirsty and Kane and grandson of Shelley. The rest we won't focus on as they weren't on-screen to witness the marvellous Ollie and all of his gorgeous scenes.

This feature is more of a journey behind Ollie's escapades whilst in the Bay, the two males intertwined in Ollie and Kirsty's life - one was Kane and the other was Miles - and not forgetting the friends that he made along the way by just flashing his cute smile. Ollie tugged at the heartstrings of the viewers like he did when tugging on Geoff's shirt sleeve. It is all about how this young boy who captured our hearts from the very beginning unto his departure. We're sad to see him go and hope that he will live happily ever after.

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