Ollie - Your Thoughts

A collection of member comments about Ollie and his time in Summer Bay.

First Impressions of Ollie Phillips:

Irene gets her big story line......wow... and little Oliver is just so cute too.....he is as good an actor as Little Pippa by the looks of things.... so I expect we can see some heart wrenching stuff ..... he was very bright for three! I am really looking forward to seeing this pan out..... and already it has me hooked.
Oliver is so cute!! And he actually spoke, normally little kids are never allowed to speak!
Cute and lovable.
A gorgeous kid and a wonderful little actor.
Incredibly cute and perfectly cast as Kane and Kirsty's son in both looks and charm.
(I love music)
A beautiful little boy who deserved a stable home.
Oliver.... How cute is that child?! The best bit was when Rachel asked him what he does for the doctor and he lifted his shirt up!! Bless him! Interesting to see what happens with the whole storyline. Obviously we have half an idea if we read the spoilers but there are very few details about the whole thing. I'm just pleased that Irene is getting a storyline at last... I can't wait!!
But the "little blonde angel", as Jay Preston so perfectly put it, is the cutest kid this show has had in a very very very long time, and he talks, a lot, and I love him for that. I hope to see a lot a lot of him this year. (Tasha)
Loved him, he was the cutest child character I have ever seen!

How we felt about Ollie and why we'll miss him:

I'm sorry but Oliver still runs rings around many of his fellow adult cast members let alone he's the cutest of cuteness. I'm distraught at the thought of losing him.
Ollie is just too cute for words. I will miss his little cheeky face.
(mrs baker)
Aww he has big chocolate puppy dogs eyes so cute!
I'll miss him in so far as he was cute and amusing but he won't impact my enjoyment of the show. I would be interested to see what sort of actor the kid grows up to be as he is showing some great potential already.
I think the show is losing a real little star. He really was a joy to watch. He will definitely be missed.
I Agree! He is ADORABLE! It will be sad when he leaves, I will miss that cute button nose!
I'm going to miss Ollie. He was definitely one of the best and cutest child actors I've ever seen, even though he didn't have much to say.
Ollie will be sadly missed, mostly because of his smile he brought to the show, I didn't like his departure it was too rushed in my opinion. He should've had a proper goodbye to everyone.
Disappointed, I'd have loved for Ollie to stay with Irene and just have Kirsty leave. He was a great character and Oliver Davis did a fantastic job.

General Comments:

All kids are cute but he's incredibly cute and he acts everybody else off the screen. I love the way that, whatever's happening on the show, he's thoroughly enjoying every moment.
(I love music)
He is a great little actor for his age, and he certainly tugs at my heartstrings, he is such a cutie.
(mrs baker)
I have to agree with everyone. Cutest kid on HAA (actually more like on T.V) ever. He doesn't even need to say anything to make me smile. And he's a great little actor. He's a lot more convincing when he's crying than a lot of actors on the show.
His acting when he was asking Kane for his mother was amazing!!!!!
Ollie is so sweet, & seems so natural on the programme. Seems to really enjoy himself on there.
He's one very beautiful kid. He is a good actor, too, for someone of his age. He lights up the screen.
Ollie is adorable. Period. He's just so cute; such a gorgeous little kid. And he's a great little actor, too. I want an Ollie.
OMG! This kid is the most adorable kid I have ever seen on TV...in fact the most adorable kid I have seen. It's a bonus that he can act as well as does considering he's only 3. How heartbreaking was it when he started crying like that?
The actor is definitely one of the best child actors I've ever seen on TV or in movies.
I just can't get over how cute Ollie is he is like the cutest kid ever. And the chemistry he has with Kane is amazing. He is such a great little actor. I hope that Kirsty, Kane and Ollie will be a family again. Miles will always come second to Kane. I think Kirsty will always know that and won't want to separate Ollie and Kane.

He defines cute. Look Cute up in the dictionary and it says:
Cute: see Oliver Philips