Ollie's Journey

nce upon a time in a place called Summer Bay, a mysterious arrival came their way. It was in the form of a young boy with blonde curly hair, a cute button nose and all rugged up tight inside his pram all ready to go. He arrived in the shroud of secrecy in the middle of the night with a hooded figure accompanying him - we'll call them the "Hooded Knight". They were waiting for the "Guardian Angel" called Irene to arrive and take care of this little boy just for a while. He was not very well and needed medical attention so Irene called for Dr Rachel for her medical opinion. Before she came, Irene taught the boy a simple game it was the Shh! Game which he really liked to play. He was sent to the Hospital to run some more test and to hopefully get a good night's rest.
Before long this cute little boy was given a name, he was Oliver Phillips son of Kirsty and Kane. He was affectionately known as Ollie to all because Oliver didn't quite suit his cuteness factor and all. They had been on the run for many a year, so they were all used to disguises to sneak there or here.

His Father came to visit to cheer his son up and stayed just long enough not to get caught. He made a promise to his son that he'll see him again and if he's really good then he might even bring Mummy with him. When Ollie was feeling so much better his Mother returned to take him away for another sojourn. They drove up the coast as they were still on the run and the cops were now after them so they spoilt their fun. Now his Father was a good man although he did a few bad things, he did what he can to make sure his family was safe so he drove away to another place. But he couldn't escape his distant and recent past so easily, therefore Kirsty ran back to Irene's with Ollie so sneakily.

The identity of Ollie's Mum was finally revealed to the startled young people under Irene's care and all they could do was to stop and stare. They quickly forgave in their own special ways before endearing Ollie into their hearts as they were told he was to stay. They all took turns in looking after him whilst Irene and Kirsty coped with the news of Kane which was so grim.

Kane was caught by the Police after giving himself up, he went to Court and said his time and freedom were up. He said a teary goodbye to Kirsty and Ollie and said not to write as it won't make him jolly. He asked to be sent so far away so he wouldn't expect them to see him every other day.

So Ollie and Kirsty never forgot Kane but started their new lives all over again. They both met many old and new faces and characters in the Bay and some of them even wanted to play. Ollie settled in quite nicely at Irene's Beach House, and even blended in nicely with Annie, Belle and Geoff who all ran about making sure that he was bathed, clothed and fed whilst his Mum wanted some time just to herself or so she said. They didn't stay there that long as they wanted to move out, so with a potential job and an offer from Miles too good to refuse they said they'd come again if they needed some refuge.

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