Mason Morgan

Orpheus Pledger

Mason Morgan (2016-)
Orpheus Pledger
Episodes: 6442-present

Birth Name: Michael Lee
Parents: Coby & Kate Lee (née Harris) (both deceased)
Siblings: Justin, Tori & Brody Morgan

Occupation: Medical Student; Waiter

Mason arrived in town with brothers Justin and Brody and tried to stop Justin having a go at Ash when he accidentally forced them off the road. Reunited with sister Tori, who had been in town some weeks, they moved into their latest in a long line of new homes. Mason was the most set-up of the brothers, since as a medical student he had already managed to transfer his course to Northern District Uni, and managed to smooth things over with Leah after Brody upset her by criticising her cooking. He was on the receiving end of Josh’s temper after doodling on a photo of Andy after he was charged with murder but understood when Evelyn explained.He was surprised by a visit from his old girlfriend, Lara Adams, but ended up sleeping with her only to be caught by Justin. He told Justin that since Lara already knew where they were he wanted to keep seeing her. Justin pretended to agree then warned Lara off. When Lara rang him up and told him, Mason angrily confronted Justin at Angelo’s, with Brody having to break them up. However, Justin maintained that he needed to end it.

He found himself drafted in to work at Angelo’s when Brody bought it and laid bets with Matt on who would come out on top in a clash between Brody and Phoebe. However, he became almost frantically evasive when Matt started asking him personal questions. He started work as a medical student at the hospital and was given Nate as a supervisor. He immediately clashed with him when Nate overheard him describing the hospital to a classmate, Sarah Smedley, as out in the sticks, then was disciplined when he helped Alf back into bed after a fall without informing anyone or getting him checked over. However, they got on better once Mason had settled in. He ushered Lara out of the hospital when she turned up, then was seen by her comforting Evelyn after Josh was charged with killing Charlotte. When Lara threatened to break up with him, he told her the family were in witness protection; their parents had been murdered by a drug syndicate that their father had done the accounts for. Mason hid Lara from his family to spend the night with her and lied to Tori that Nate had seen him with another girl but had to admit the truth when someone followed Brody. Although their handler, Decker, assured the family that they hadn’t been found, Mason was told to break up with Lara.