Home and Away Spoilers – The Surf Club mystery donor reveals themself

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Xander looks set for romance after Dana sets him up on a date with Harper, while the Surf Club’s mystery donor reveals their identity.

Fresh off the success of the ‘Salt by the Sea’ fundraiser, and with house band Lyrik still out of action, Xander (Luke Van Os) steps up to Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) request for more events by putting on the restaurant’s inaugural romance night. But will the newly appointed events manager unexpectedly find romance himself?

Having finally found a sense of closure on her marriage to Tane (Ethan Browne), Flick called a Salt staff meeting last week to assure the workers that she was back and 100% focused on the business. And first on the agenda was tasking Xander with organising their next big event.

Flick wasn’t blown away by Xander’s initial suggestions of a trivia night or board games night, explaining that she wanted to attract young professionals, but after floating some ideas around with Dana (Ally Harris), the pair presented their suggestion of a sizzling romance night to Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

Next week, preparations are underway for ‘Moonlight at Salt’, and Dana is keen to get sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) involved, so far as offering her up to Xander as a potential date without her knowledge!

Harper has been feeling particularly lonely of late, after making the mistake of looking at her ex-fiance’s socials and learning that he’d had a child with his new partner.

Harper had ended up dumping Tom on their wedding day, leaving him standing at the altar, at a time when Dana was heading off the rails and he forced her to choose between him or her sister.

As a result, Dana feels it’s down to her to make up for Harper’s sacrifice by fixing up her sister with someone new, but Xander isn’t keen, telling Dana that he hardly knows Harper.

Xander has a change of heart however, and he turns up at the Beach House that evening to ask Harper to join him at Salt, much to her confusion!

All eyes fall on Dana, who’s quick to drag Harper into her bedroom to find something to wear. Harper is adamant that she isn’t going to be set up on a ‘blind date’, let alone be someone’s pity date.

Only a few feet away in the living room, Xander can hear every word as Dana points out that he and Harper would be each other’s pity dates.

Eventually Harper is convinced to give the evening a go, and as the two take a seat at Salt, they acknowledge that it feels weird.

Meanwhile, looking forward to spending some quality time with Rose (Kirsty Marillier), Mali (Kyle Shilling) has bought tickets for the evening, but is disappointed when the newly promoted Senior Constable tells him that she has to work.

Mali heads along to Salt anyway, but soon finds himself missing Rose, telling Xander that it almost feels like he’s single again at the moment.

Flick keeps Mali company for a while, but he eventually decides to call it a night.

Rose arrives just in the nick of time though, having realised that a perk of being a Senior Constable is that she can change shifts at short notice.

When they return upstairs however, Rose is amazed to see her brother sat at a table apparently on a date with Harper.

Rose is somewhat distracted throughout the evening, to the point where Mali has to swap seats with her so she stops spying on Xander and his date.

After Xander walks Harper home, they both admit that they had fun, and the next morning everyone is eager to find out the goss.

Could this be the start of something between Xander and Harper?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay next week, Cash Newman P.I. (Nicholas Cartwright) makes a ‘breakthrough’ in his investigation into the anonymous surf club donation, when the mystery benefactor puts him out of his misery and makes known their identity.

Having recently quit the police force, in protest at being given a demotion and reduced responsibilities following his suspension, Cash turned his skills to private investigating when surf club secretary Roo (Georgie Parker) requested his help with tracking down the source of a $30,000 donation.

The donation had been the exact amount that the club had lost following the withdrawal of Simon Henderson’s (James Lugton) sponsorship, which aroused Roo’s suspicions.

Although she had been assured that the donation, made through a solicitor, was above board, she put an immediate freeze on utilising the funds.

Roo was soon overruled after John (Shane Withington) put it to a committee vote, so whilst John planned to splash the cash on new walkie-talkies, Roo secretly enlisted the ex-copper after he offered up his services.

Next week, Cash hasn’t made much headway with the case. Having approached the solicitor who facilitated the donation, they wouldn’t give him the name of the anonymous donor (colour us surprised).

Cash tells Roo that he threatened to smoke them out using his police contacts, but admits that he’s not actually able to do that.

John soon catches wind of the investigation, and balks when Roo tells him that she’s using surf club funds to pay Cash.

John tries to tell Cash that his services are no longer required, but he points out that as Roo was the one who hired him, she’s the only one who can dismiss him.

Roo’s quick to turn the tables back on John when he accuses her of wasting surf club funds, reminding him of the expensive purchases he’s got lined up

Yet after Irene (Lynne McGranger) encourages her to work with John rather than against him, Roo agrees to compromise and pay Cash out of her own pocket. In turn, John agrees to curtail his own spending.

Things soon take a turn when Cash receives a mystery phone call, from someone who hasn’t had the need to call him in a while. As the caller reveals that they’re behind the donation, Cash asks if they realise just how much drama they’ve caused.

However, rather than reveal their identity to Roo and John, Cash instead tells them that he’s going to take a step back from the investigation as he’s at a dead end.

Cash assures them that he won’t be taking any payment for his work, and reaffirms that the source of the money is legit and they’ve nothing to worry about.

As Cash leaves, John and Roo are in agreement—neither of them believe a word that Cash said.

Will they ever get to the bottom of the mystery donation?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 1st April (Episode 8196)

Eden fights for her rights. Mackenzie and Levi have a close call. Cash gets a mysterious call.

Tuesday 2nd April (Episode 8197)

Eden speaks her truth. Mackenzie gets a reality check. Cash calls it a day.

Wednesday 3rd April (Episode 8198)

Leah gives Justin an ultimatum. Justin and Valerie get off on the wrong foot. Mackenzie confesses to Tane.

Thursday 4th April (Episode 8199)

Tane is ready for a fresh start. Dana plays Cupid for Harper. Mali confides in Xander.

Friday 5th April (Episode 8200)

Xander and Harper are the talk of the town. Theo and Kirby clash. Valerie leads Theo astray.