Home and Away Spoilers – John’s Surf Club return lands Alf in trouble

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, order is restored at Summer Bay Surf Lifesaving Club as John agrees to return as club manager, but at what cost?

John (Shane Withington) was heartbroken when an executive committee meeting recently banned him from teaching his bronze medallion lifesaving course, after student Banjo Henderson (Michael Cameron) made a complaint about him.

John was having an off day due to caffeine withdrawal, and managed to repeatedly put Banjo offside by referring to him as “man bun” and mocking his loud shorts.

Although John later apologised to Banjo on club president Alf’s (Ray Meagher) insistence, it seemingly wasn’t enough to prevent things being taken further.

John found an unexpected ally in Alf, who promised to do all he could to defend his honour. John was understandably dubious, given how Alf has treated him over the years, but Alf stuck to his word and was frustrated when the committee went against his pleas and chose to ban John from teaching indefinitely.

Finding the bronze medallion the most rewarding part of his job, and taking into account everything he’d done for the club over the past 15 years, John saw the ruling as an insult. As a result, he decided to hand back his whistle to Alf and quit.

The club quickly descended into chaos as it became all too apparent just how much John did on a daily basis.

When the bronze medallion sessions were cancelled as a result, fellow student Dana (Ally Harris) tried to convince Banjo to withdraw the complaint. But whilst Banjo was satisfied with John’s apology, he explained to Dana that it was out of his hands.

It turned out that it was Banjo’s father, Yabbie Creek real estate agent Simon Henderson (James Lugton), who had escalated the complaint, hoping to make an example of John for humiliating his boy.

To make things worse, Simon also happens to be the surf club’s main sponsor, so he isn’t someone that the committee want to get on the wrong side of for fear of him withdrawing his cash!

Alf had been hoping to convince John to return, but when they were forced to close the juice bar too, Alf reluctantly admitted he’d have to advertise for a replacement.

Roo (Georgie Parker) quickly stepped in, offering to take on the job in the interim whilst they continued to try and change John’s mind (well she’s naff all else to do!).

Next week, John shouts Dana dinner at Salt to thank her for her efforts with Banjo. By dinner he means one course and one drink, naturally, but Dana isn’t sure she even deserves that, given her attempt to help didn’t get anywhere.

Roo later puts her plan into action by showing John the ‘Surf Club Bible’ that he’s put together over the years, hoping that the reminder of his loyal service and the names of all the students he’s taught will be enough to entice him back.

NOTE: It appears that the props department were having a bit of fun when compiling the list, with such names as Harman Away, Amanda Rin, Helena Handbasket, Piers Dinier, and Schlem Phlegm amongst John’s past students.

Whilst John does feel nostalgic as he reads the list of names, it doesn’t have the desired effect as he ultimately tells Roo that they’re just words on a page.

It does get John thinking though, and he later announces to Dana and Irene (Lynne McGranger) that he’s going to set up his own surf awareness lessons, to help aspiring lifeguards qualify for their bronze medallionJP’s Triple S (Surf Safety School)!

Alf is annoyed when he learns of John’s plan, asking what the point is of offering a course identical to the one that the surf club already offers.

When he finds John pinning one of his flyers to the club noticeboard, Alf rips it down and tells him it’s a waste of time and energy. If he’s that passionate about it, then he should just come out and admit that he wants his job back.

Alf explains that if John is willing to do that, he’ll go in to bat for him and fight to get his teaching privileges back.

Touched, John is quick to confirm that yes, he does want to come back.

With the charade now over, Alf gets to work, and that means talking to Simon Henderson…

After confirming that John and Simon have no previous beef – John admits he hardly knows the guy – Alf asks Simon to meet him that evening at Salt.

Alf pleads John’s case, but Simon is unforgiving. He wants Banjo to know that he has his back, and doesn’t want to look weak by changing his mind.

Alf points out that Simon is simply trying to score brownie points with his son at the expense of John’s job, but it seems Simon sees it as nothing more than collateral damage.

As Simon points out that the committee have already made their decision, Alf takes a brave step by announcing that, as club president, he is overruling that decision.

Simon threatens that there will be ‘consequences’ for the club, but Alf won’t be bullied into backing down.

As Alf comes downstairs and tells John that he’s been reinstated, which includes reinstating his teaching privileges, John wonders how on earth Alf managed to pull it off.

Alf chooses not to reveal that he’s pulled rank and gone against Simon, just as he walks past them glaring…

Has Alf bitten off more than he can chew?

Also next week, Leah holds Justin at knifepoint!

A paranoid Leah holds Justin at knifepoint in the diner, while Flick owes Cash an apology.

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 19th February (Episode 8166)

Roo can’t live up to John’s legacy. Leah turns on those closest to her. Justin’s desperation leads him to danger.

Tuesday 20th February (Episode 8167)

Can Bree help Leah see sense? Roo tries to tempt John back to the Surf Club.

Wednesday 21st February (Episode 8168)

Alf sticks up for John Palmer. Bree reflects on her dark past. Mac takes charge of her own recovery.

Thursday 22nd February (Episode 8169)

Harper avoids Felicity. Remi tries to mend things between Eden and Levi. Mac’s anxiety peaks.

Friday 23rd February (Episode 8170)

Felicity’s apology tour hits the Bay. Kirby’s lyrics give Justin comfort. Mackenzie fears for her health.